Kira-Bully! Entertainment

Released Apr 2017 2.9★
Kira is a FREE mini-experience that immerses users in a Faerie workshop full of mysterious structures, magical devices, and colorful beasts.

This experience is designed to highlight the immersive qualities of VR for friends and family, allowing them to explore each nook and cranny of a fantasy scene. Kira was originally designed as a way-point navigation experiment and so the only interaction is moving from place to place in the environment.

Its a simple experience and not intended to be experienced as a ‘game’ but it’s a project that we really liked so we wanted to share.

User Reviews

Something Cool
Oct 13, 2017
There’s nothing to do. But for exactly what it sets out to be, a pretty area to wander, it’s nice. They should have made it an environment for steamvr in my view.

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