Kittypocalypse-Bolverk Games

Released May 2017 3.9★
Evil alien beings have successfully taken over your planet by dressing up as cute kittens – and they’ve taken over all that you know and love. Prepare to repel wave after wave of cute but deadly kittens on 15 beautiful and diverse islands. Remember: the survival of your home planet is in your hands!
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Dec 10, 2018
Cool tower defence. Graphics are great, movent is well designed.
Only thing I was missing is any combat interaction, like if I could at least throw a rock to help a bit. Because the fact that it’s VR is just about presentation, else the game iself would be playable even on tablet. Still highly recommended.

Aug 13, 2018
A tower defense in game vr against cats. I’ve always loved tower defense game and it’s enjoyable. Very easy controls.

May 04, 2018
If your a fan of tower defense games you would love this one. Great Graphics, unique take on the genere and has obsorbed the past week of my life. I really enjoyed it and wish it has more than 15 stages, Maybe more to come? (Win 10, 16gb, SSD, GTX 1070)

Nov 28, 2017
If you like tower defense games, you’ll have a blast with this one. It’s challenging and will keep you entertained much longer than most vr games. I found myself dying to get back to it, and that’s a first for vr games for me (until Doom and Fallout 4 probably).

Apr 29, 2019
I honestly love this game. I was not super familiar with tower defense type games, but this is just so satisfying if you like that style of play. I love that you can be giant and omniscient, or you can be tiny and fully immersed.

Mar 09, 2019
This is a very polished and fun tower defense game. The VR is implemented very well. It is no trouble to move all around the playing field to achieve any angle that you’d like. It’s challenging, but not frustratingly so. The voice acting is spot on. It does not feely cheaply made, like many young VR games. As you progress you unlock more and more weaponry and upgrades. The progression is satisfying. Would definitely recommend!

Oct 22, 2017
It’s a really good game if you’re a fan of tower defense games!

Oct 25, 2019
I love myself a bit of tower defence – and this game ticks all the boxes. It is up there with my all time favourites ‘Last Day Defence’ and of course Defence Grid.
If you want a bit of TD, this game is very satisfying.
4 stars because I would have liked a longer campaign (don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of content for the price and a skirmish mode too – but as an ‘old hand’ at TD, I pretty much raced through it – also, played it far more than the 1.1 hours that Viveprot puts me at!)

Highly recommended for TD fans.

Invader Jak
Sep 20, 2017
Quickplay mode is almost impossible. Story mode has nice progression. I find myself sitting in a chair looking down for the majority of game play.

Dec 14, 2017
I do not find this game funny. I miss shooting kittens close up. – I find it annoying that i have to build weapons on a platform before i can start.
I will return at give this game a better rating if my kids likes it.

Jul 18, 2017

Played this twice and had to take a break immediately after each time. It was a fun game but the zoom in/out control made me very motion sick. Also, not sure what was meant to happen after each round – there were just fireworks then nothing. Seemed you had to quit then go back into the game to get to the next level.

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