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Released Oct 2016 4.0★
Immerse yourself in the virtual world of Konrad the Kitten and experience the first virtual cat that feels like a real one.

Konrad, the cute kitten, needs a helping hand and lots of love. You have to satisfy his needs and desires: Give him his cat food in the kitchen, put him in his litter box, let him take a ride in a hot-air-balloon and lots more!

A particular highlight for all cat fans is the unique plush toy mode. This feature brings your favorite plush toy to life as a virtual cat, letting you feel like it’s really there. Hold it, cuddle it and play with it as though it were your real pet.

As you gain Konrad’s love and affection, you unlock new features. It is your job to make Konrad happy, and you have access to various rooms and areas in which to do so. In the Dress Room, you can unlock more than 50 accessories and dress you kitten any way you want. How about cool glasses, a funny little hat or a suit for Konrad? You can even change the color of his coat.

Play pawsome mini-games and win valuable coins. Hunt mice with Konrad, and catch as many of the nimble rodents as you can. Put your skills and reactions to the test in the fishing game. Or try out the obstacle course, guiding Konrad carefully and skilfully through rings. The more you care for him, the faster his experience increases and his love for you grows. Look after him daily and care for him as though he were a real furry friend.

Watch out: In Version 2.0 Konrad is all grown up and he’s not alone any more. Little orphaned kittens are looking for a home and Konrad has to take care of them. The kittens sleep in their basket during the day, but at night they wake up. You and Konrad have to feed the kittens, clean them, play with them and find them when they get lost.

Cuteness overload awaits all cat fans in this unique virtual reality game. Experience a new way to combine real life and virtual reality. Will you be the purrfect pal for Konrad?
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Dec 06, 2016
Great little app with a really surprising concept! A fresh surprise between endless waves of fps wave shooters for the Vive!

It plays like a tamagotchi you shall visit each day. Simple but cute graphics and a decent amount of content. But what really makes it so special is the concept of attaching my Vive Controller to my girlfriends beloved plush kitten. The game then beams the real world plush toy into virtual reality. To bring your virtual kitty to another place you really lift the (real-world) plush-toy and place it there.
Just an awesome idea 🙂

Its noticable that it is still in early access. Some minor flaws here and there but content seems to be updated once or twice a month. I am excited what will be added with the future updates.

Dec 31, 2017
My kids just love this! There are some usability issues, but since this is Early Access, I think it’s ok

Aug 02, 2018
Beautiful game for kids or someone who wants to relax with a lovely purring kitten who seems to not blink 🙂
For younger children aged 4-6, I recommend a parent gets the kitten set up, and a little leveled up, so your young kid can enjoy more activities. Then you can help your child understand what to do in game, because looking after the kitten has a simple game structure. The kitten has a set amount of energy each day that runs out and you can come back to play again tomorrow. I like this feature, the energy is just enough for my kid to get well involved in the game, but not play for too long.
4+ stars because Konrad is 85% convincing. His eyes & body could have a tad more movement and he doesn’t look right at his toys when playing. The game tilts for us when reaching far across. Nonetheless, Konrad is still 100% lovable, and we love the different types of kittens you can easily earn.

May 02, 2018
Very cute game that is good for a casual fun experience. Because you play seated, this is a good option for players / friends / family that are not looking for a strenuous expereience. Could benefit from some additional content and mini games or additional interaction with the kitten. More sound and motion on Konrad would help bring things to life. Tracker support would help make plushie mode a little easier to keep a sensor strapped on.

May 12, 2019
Interesting. Not exactly my type of game, but it does have some good ideas!

Apr 06, 2018
It’s cute for about, 5 minutes, other than that there’s very little to do. Kid quickly got bored, the cat didn’t do anything or react, it was just a static blob in your hand

Graphics were meh, overall, not very entertaining at all

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