Lander 8009-Ivanovich Games

Released Mar 2019 3.4★
PAY ATTENTION, HOMINID! The Icarus Program is looking for new pilots. Sign up and be the first one to master our experimental flying suit.
Our engineers have designed more than 100 simulations to test your flying skills, your logical-deductive reasoning abilities, and your suicidal tendencies as well.

The Icarus Program only chooses the best of the best. Are you the best of the best?

If you are willing to become a candidate, send us an abundant DNA sample and buy this game. This will be the first step of a nurturing training process you shall never forget.

User Reviews

Mar 30, 2019
WOW! Way better than I thought it would be! very immersive iron man flying suit style and really challenging with great visuals! really glad I gave this a go

May 01, 2019
One single thruster mechanic, but played out very well – pretty intuitive gameplay. Nice company with drones and sarcastic robot trainers. Always remember: suit improvements don’t hide your clumsiness 😉 Best played when seated in a swivel chair. Fun!

Apr 03, 2019
Story mode is about flying efficiently and always being starved for fuel. Arcade mode is about zooming around, which I found much more fun, for a while. The game left me wanting for palm blasters, or some kind of shooting element.

Oct 26, 2019
So little to this game.

May 01, 2019

Dreadfully dull implementation of a cool idea. Though the use of Voice-to-Text voice was an immediate downvote for me. Pay some voice actors next time, the jokes fell flatter because of its use.

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