Lena Paul VR Model

Lena Paul VR is a busty porn star with big natural tits and a bottomless appetite for cock. She wants to fuck you in this VR experience from Naughty America. She needs patience, though.

The idea of virtual reality has been popularized by films like Tron, Brainstorm, and theā€”hack multimedia franchise.

The Lena Paul Lady Vagina

Lena Paul is a gorgeous busty blonde with big natural boobs and perfect skin. She has just entered the porn industry and has succeeded with her sexy videos. She loves her job and always looks fantastic in her scenes. She also has a supportive husband, so she can do whatever she wants.

Lena is a Fleshlight girl who models the popular Nymph Fleshlight sleeve. This sleeve variant uses an opening that has been moulded from her body, so it looks and feels just like a real vagina. It is an excellent choice for all fans of the actress, as it will give them an intimate and sensual feeling that will make their sexy play much more intense and rewarding.

In this Naughty America Virtual Reality experience, Lena is dolled up in lace lingerie, and her pussy is yearning for your big dick. She will take things slow and easy, building intimacy and closeness before she wants your cock between her soft, porcelain tits.

Lena is a natural with her kinky fantasies, and she can switch between being dominant and submissive depending on the situation. She has a lot of experience with rough sex, and she even visited a dungeon once or twice. She is very excited about the new VR porn technology, and she believes it can change people’s lives for the better.

The Lena Paul Ritual Fleshlight

Stunning brunette Lena Paul is sexy, sweet and ready to please in this high-quality VR porn experience. Dressed in lace lingerie, she’s got her immense natural 34 triple D’s yearning for your cock. She’s a bit shy at first, but after you get her comfortable with her surroundings, you can see that she’s horny as hell. She’ll suck your cock and moan to let you know that she’s ready for some intense action.

This babe loves to play, and she’s no stranger to threesomes or group sex scenes either. She’s almost 30 years old, but you wouldn’t give it a thought judging from her radiant appearance and her soft, young-looking boobs. Lena was born and raised in Florida, and her sunny disposition comes naturally to her.

The opening of the Ritual Fleshlight sleeve is moulded from the actress’s body. This gives the sleeve an exceptionally realistic look and feels that will appeal to Lena’s many fans. The first chamber is the narrowest and gets gradually wider as you move down the sleeve. This is an excellent feature for anyone who likes a tighter feeling in the vaginal canal.

This sleeve also includes two climax chambers providing an even more intense sensation. The first climax chamber is more profound and has more texture, while the second one is more narrow. The climax chambers are perfect for anyone who wants to increase the intensity of their masturbation sessions. They’re perfect for those new to VR porn or those who want a more intimate, realistic sex experience than they usually get on mainstream websites. The climax chambers will help them achieve the ultimate satisfaction from their virtual reality porn experience.

The Lena Paul Nymph Fleshlight

Lena Paul is a sexy natural beauty who loves to explore her big natural tits and soft porcelain skin. In this virtual reality experience, she’s dolled up in lace lingerie, and her pussy yearns for your big cock. Take your time and do things as she likes, then see how long you can last. It’s all in the name of pleasure, after all.

Designed to look and feel just like her own vagina, the Lena Paul Nymph Fleshlight features an opening moulded directly from the starlet’s body. It’s a perfect match in form and feeling with her vagina so it will appeal massively to her fans. The sleeve’s texture features two different types of nubs. Soft, pointed nubs are in the first row, and semi-circular disc-shaped bumps are in the second. They are all arranged in such a way as to generate a twisting sensation when the sleeve is moved.

This stroker’s interior is made of a superior textured material that’s also mildly scented. It’s also a little longer than the average Fleshlight Girl, so it’s excellent for insertion. A tight entry grabs the head of your penis, and from there, every chamber within Lena Paul’s Nymph masturbator leaves you wanting more. The stroker’s unique suction enhancement design simulates sex and finishes you with pleasure nodes and nodules that heighten arousal and climax.

The sleeve’s climax section is particularly intense as it features a slew of erogenous nodules. Four are in the front, two in the middle and one at the back. All are crafted to squeeze every drop of desire out of you and give you the ultimate ecstasy. The climax section is also very thick so you can feel your way through it.

The sleeve is easy to clean too. Just take a good quality water-based lubricant and run it through. It should be rinsed well and wiped dry before putting it away for the next session. The sleeve also has a unique canister for safe, discreet storage.

The Lena Paul Lady Fleshlight

This is one of the most popular Fleshlight models, and it features an opening moulded directly from Lena Paul’s body. She is a lovely woman with big natural tits and loves giving genuine performances in porn movies. She only entered the industry in 2016 but has already significantly impacted the gear VR porn market. She has a gorgeous figure, and her 32DDD tits will have any man salivating at the mouth.

The opening of this fleshlight is designed to give you a sensation that embodies her sexual appetite, and it is incredibly tight to ensure penetration is a thrill. It is also incredibly smooth, and there are no rough edges that would cause any pain. The sleeve itself is a bit longer than other Fleshlight models and features several different chambers of pleasure. Each of these is a bit more intense than the last, and you will find it more complicated as you go through each of the chambers.

The first chamber is the smallest, with a shaped interior that mimics her vagina. It is also a tad more tight than the other openings. It is followed by chamber two, which has raised ridges and is the most minor tight of all the chambers in this fleshlight. The ridges have little nubs on them that are designed to provide excellent tingling stimulation.

Chamber three is the most intense of all, and it is for the tip of your penis right before you cum. This chamber is 2.6 inches long and has twisting cross ribs lined with bumpy nubs that will give you even more tingling sensations as you push through them. The final chamber is a 2.6-inch-long anal entrance, and it has many bumpy nubs designed to give you even more tingling stimulation as you move through them.

This Fleshlight is a fantastic model to get for your girlfriend or wife, and it will make her feel like you are really in the room with her. You can use a water-based lubricant to make it even more exciting.