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Released Aug 2016 3.7★
Lifeliqe VR Museum brings Lifeliqe’s interactive learning experiences into VR!

The app is now presenting an unmatched volume of 1,000+ Interactive 3D models and 20 VR experiences to allow teachers and students to learn K-12 science in exciting and immersive way. Explore 10 categories of 3D models covering Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science or Math. Learn about a cell, join prehistoric dinosaurs for a walk, or take on a journey to Space around International Space Station.

Lifeliqe immersive learning experiences empower teachers to spark light bulb moments in students. By visualizing scientific concepts and environments that would be otherwise inaccessible, learners can boost their curiosity and learning passion. Lifeliqe VR Museum works best as an extension for Lifeliqe curriculum available in a separate Lifeliqe web app. Learn more on how to use Lifeliqe VR Museum in your classroom at

User Reviews

Jan 29, 2019
I like the app and I bought a license for 1 month, but unfortunatley It was canceled somehow although that I payed and used it for 1 day.

Please help

Jun 04, 2018
It is wonderful
I think this is a lonely e-Learning Solution

Mar 14, 2018
I always wonder what it is like to fly with dinosaurs.

Feb 04, 2017
Very good and a brilliant way to understand so many functions in so many things. I look forward to developments to this and similar apps.
I want to sign up to the newsletter offered in the app, but don’t seem to be able to get to it with keyboard and mouse.

Jan 20, 2017
Revised review after contacting support….I’ve come to learn that since I initially downloaded the app last year, the supported OS seem to have changed (Win7 is no longer supported). This review is based on my initial experience which was very good. The navigation was intuitive, I was able to experience all of the content available and it was very entertaining, immersive and educational. Customer support is very responsive and professional even though my issue wasn’t resolved (I need to upgrade to Win10 to play this again), I can now stop banging my head against the wall trying to fix it. We need more VR apps like this because this is the future of education. Good job!

Jan 07, 2017
VR is not only for games. Education is another great market that can be revolutionised and VR Museum is doing tremendous work to make it happen. If you want to not only have fun but also learn something new in an interactive environment you should at least give it a try!

Virtualna Realnost Osijek2
Oct 23, 2016
Great experience. Models are clear, and interactive like never before. This is the new way of education.

Oct 20, 2016
Great Content, I can’t wait for full version!

Oct 19, 2016
This is a completely immersive environment with unlimited potential in the classroom. With the proper integration and support this can be a great asset to any school, library, or makerspace… Well done Lifeliqe

Oct 05, 2016
Impresionante! Realmente educativa. Esperando a que salgan más contenidos dentro de esta app.

Oct 05, 2016
Amazing experience. This is clearly future of education. I can imagine a wikipedia of 3D objects, for pupils to be able to look up close at every model. Truly makes me want to go back to school!

Oct 03, 2016
Apps like this are what really gets me excited about the potential of VR. This is a game changer for the education realm. Lifeliqe blows any textbook or video I ever saw in school out of the water. I can’t wait to see the content from the paid version and have more educational experiences. The only thing I would recommend is getting a narrator instead of the robotic monotone voice for the audio.

Feb 05, 2017
I am delighted with this technology. This is a great learning tool for all ages. As an engineer I am very exited and I hope that HTC collaborate with other companies to develop robust educational software for the STEM program. Great Tech and good work. Virtual learning is one technology that will revolutionize teaching and will help optimize learning in the classroom and at home. My children are already getting use to VR for educational purpose. VR museum is a great start and it will keep them and their curiosity alive while waiting for more educational development. We couldn’t be any happier as parents to have both world of gaming and education at the same time. We know for a fact that our children won’t be bored once immerse into this virtual world of learning . Lifeliqe is one step ahead by developing software that can help the new generation to better understand Technologies. Thank

Oct 18, 2018
Sympathique mais c’est une version d’essai très restreinte. Il faut un abonnement pour avoir tout le contenu. De plus, chaque objet doit être téléchargé avant de pouvoir le voir. Il y a donc des temps d’attente. Gare aux petites connexions.

Très instructif pour ceux qui aiment comment fonctionne la nature et le corps

Jan 11, 2017
Not very good. Had potential!
Mostly low poly count, improbable and awful lightning (looks like 90s FPS game with washed out colors, too much brightness on highlights and faded/non-rendered shadows), few credible/proper models (most look like half-hearted pre-rendered open source 3D models), weird controls.
Feels like a phone app conversion to exploit the VR boom.

Oct 20, 2016


Pc compatible pour experience optimale le dinosaure saccade et on ressent une douleur au yeux en peut de temps pour le reste sympas mais rien d’extraordinaire.

Apr 14, 2019

Menu was backwards, NO interactive objects at all. just standing in an empty room with a backwards sign advertising the modile and paid versions. Just noticed the WIN 10 requirement. DELETED

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