Light and Dance VR – Music, Action and Relexation-Hermann Fischer

Released Mar 2017 3.0★
Step into a world where music is all that matters. You are the one to decide how to play this game! Lay down and relax to watch the colors and patterns change to your music, dance until your feet are sore or challenge yourself in one of the music driven games.
Many amazing environments and dance floors are waiting for you to dance the night away!

Play your music, start the game, jump in and dance, relax or play some games. The visuals will blow your mind with depth and beauty and all driven by music!

We have big plans with this game!

Todays Features:
-Radio stations build into the game.
-Calory tracking while moving!
-Supports every music source.
-Jump interaction.
-Microphone support!
-Music visualizer, lean back, relax and enjoy!
-Chillout-Mode supports laying, sitting and every imaginable, human possible position.
-Many custom settings.
-Great visuals!
-Many music reactive Dance Floors to choose from!
-Many Environments and Game-Modes -> more will come…
-Realistic volumetric Lights and Fog.
-Use your Touch-Controller for “drawing”.
-Change through Environments and Dance-Floors with the Touch-Controller.

Please vote for Light and Dance VR!

Many great Updates are planned: Game Modes, Environments, Multiplayer? 😉
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Ford Fairlane
May 07, 2017
its very fun initially, but hard to see thats its something you would use for more than a couple of songs or just to demo to people. Not something I would pay for

May 15, 2019
Open Mic music visualizer with some simplistic games. Special interest…

Works well with WMR.

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