Look! Dinosaurs!-深圳脑穿越科技有限公司

Released Apr 2019
Lucky you! taking over a dinosaur park. Being the Park’s lead, you are going to learn lots of dinosaur’s knowledges, and by copying the DNA , you can raise the dinosaurs in the parks.
You will be a better park lead after constant learning and evaluations.

As a leisure game for education, this dinosaur learning game let you embrace the species, the overall visual effect is smooth and exquisite, and in this game will bring you back to jurassic age.

Features of the game:
·Zero distance with the Dinosaurs;
There are four kinds of dinosaurs in the content, you need to learn their knowledge, pass the test to get along with them.

·Get to know the dinosaurs and be with them;
Every different dinosaur lives in different scene, if you don’t manage well, they will be super unhappy.

·Feel the charm of the Dinosaurs;
Carefully look into their actions, they will bring you different visual impact.

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