Lop Nor Zombie-北京哈视奇科技有限公司

Released Jun 2016 4.0★
Lop Nor Zombie is a VR zombie shoot game that fully featured by 【HTC Vive】.

From the videos you can find the vr operation of pistol and smg. Other rich Weapons are possible by taking advantage of the controller of HTC Vive(steam vr).

Also another feature is that you can move freely with cold time,each time with limited radius. Of course wont get sick by teleport. You wont be a defense turrent any more in our game.

User Reviews

Jun 24, 2019
Nice little Game!
Good Shooting Mechanik!

Cool Asia Style (hit Box Zone) Boss!

Hope come more and then on English too XD

(negative is: exist no Weapon Inventory on Body, no Granate Inventory, no Pistol Holster)

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