Lunar Learning and Earthly Rocks-VictoryVR

Released May 2018
On our moon-based research facility you will take a trip to Wildcat Den, where we learn about the formation of Earth in caves and caverns. The Lunar Research Facility is a fun place to learn as you travel to distant lands and even get to play with the fish in our hologram aquarium.

Then enter our liquid surround display as you experience the formation of water all around you. In virtual reality, the water cycle comes alive as you are immersed in it’s vast capabilities.

As always, Wendy the Science Teacher provide a fun lesson in science and ecology. Not enough fun? Well, enter Trickybeard’s Cave and challenge the ol’ pirate to a game with his treasure chests. It’s your memory against his clock for all the treasure he has.

We have one more movie to experience as a variety of dogs give us a tour of how the Earth’s crust was formed. In fact, we learn that the ground underneath us is constantly moving, even if we don’t realize it.

For teachers and parents, this unit is fun, but it also covers multiple Next Gen Science Standards on the top of Earth Systems in the Earth & Space category. This unit includes 3 built-in assessments.

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