M.I.A. (Free experience edition)-布莱克浩斯科技有限公司

Released Jan 2018

This Version is a free experience edition, including the beginning of the game to the first stage. Welcome to play for free and give us any advice.


*About This Game*

“M.I.A.” = “Mysterious Island Adventure”

In the distant past, there was a high-tech civilization. That was destroyed for unknown reasons, left many ruins in the world. One of your ancestors is a legendary treasure hunter, seeking the ruins of the ancient civilization. One time, he encountered a shipwreck and drift to a no-ones island. He found the ancient ruins and returned like a miracle. That is his first adventure, after that, he has created legends again and again.

All these stories were just your bedtime stories. Until a mysterious creature break into your life, it bring you into the memory of the treasure hunter, experience every adventure he takes, find the last truth…

This is a brand-new VR adventure game. Distinct from other puzzle games and room-escape games, “M.I.A” is a game includes adventure and puzzle, follow the story line, challenge every unique stage, find the secrets of the ancient civilization.

● Experience the special game include adventure and puzzle. Go through the stages and defeat the final boss!
● Shooting, Climbing, Move shadow in VR world, have unusual experience.
● No death, no timer, more fun.
● Enter the final stage if you can, the ultimate challenges awaits you…

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