Mace and Grace-PlatformaVR

Released Jun 2019 4.0★
Step into a Virtual fantasy world, as a Giant protecting your Grace and Kingdom. Have a blast dodging bombs and smashing airborne pantless enemy knights for sport. Seize the day and go for another round.

Mace and Grace is a furious Medieval VR arcade game where you stand your ground, preventing your majesty’s rivaling enemy army as they try to steal your lady. Be brave and get that fairy tale ending.

Be creative and smash enemy knights with maces, axes, morningstars, spears, fists or even with your sweltering fire breath. Try to score more in limited time modes or fight to the death with unlimited waves of enemies. Test yourself in multiple levels, game modes and more, while challenging your friends in the global leaderboard for the top! Become the Renowned Protector of your Grace!

Additional features include:
More Power = More Points! – Hit invading knights as hard as possible (With Great Power comes Great Ranks!)
Two Knight Trance = Obliterating pairs of knights at a time to activate the special rage mode
Taking advantage of slo-mo bonus
Dodging bombs with evasive maneuvering
Using special weapons with a slew of unique methods

User Reviews

Jun 21, 2019
I like it. Its a decent game to get sweat flowing. Its quite amusing and it ramps up quickly so be prepared. I challange someone to beat my record on survival that is for now 439. Also don’t forget to use your head quite literally cause you can kill them with your head as you can see in the trailer. the Key is do not panic. tho one thing i’ve nodiced that after one game the sign that is being held up by the statue changes the Best attempt in to your last one even tho the leaderboard shows your best attempt

Oct 09, 2019
Mace and Grace is super fun game, with cool cartoon graphics and super sexy sound effects!

I have played this game a few times but it has already impressed me.
The scenery is so colorful.
The audio and graphics are incredibly impressive.
The location are very well designed.
There’s so much content to explore that I could play this game for hours.
Using my surround-sound headphones I felt like I was living in this game.


Stunning visuals
•Amazing AI interactions
•Good graphics
•Extra fun smashing knights
•“My Lady” is super sexy
•Sound effects can turn you on
•Very dynamic
•Good choice of weapons
•Easy to start playing
•Intuitive interface


•Could not find any, yet.


Simply stunning game, you have to play it

Sep 29, 2019
This is a great game! I absolutely love it! You got the sexy blonde lady who dances for you when you score well, and if you don’t score well, then you get these two knights doing a dance move for you. It is so fun smashing knights coming at you. And you score more when you pull their heads or hands off. So freaky! Loads of fun!!

Jun 30, 2019
Fun and addictive for 20 minutes or so.

Jun 24, 2019
A fun and polished melee wave “shooter” style game which plays similar to PowerBeats VR. In it’s current early access state it suffers from a lack of content but is worth checking out
You can see my full review here

Sep 15, 2019
Aside from the blatantly stupid review, this game is ok for a quick arcade run with a couple of modes that are basically the same. Its fun for about 2minutes as there is no story and no progression. You kill the little knights with no pants by various means for a set amount of time or until you miss too many, or until your health runs low. I imagine it would be fun for kids in the 7 to12 yo range. Aside from the gore, which can be turned off, this is a total kids game with mindless arcade gameplay and zero replay value.

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