Machine Learning: Episode I-Singularity Lab

Released Sep 2016 3.6★
Machine Learning: Episode I is a first person arcade puzzle game built for HTC Vive. You play as an A.I. robot created in DARPA laboratory in the near future. One of the scientists is here to test your physical, perception and cognitive skills. By using the power of room-scale VR and Vive controllers, you will be solving a variety of unique puzzles.

A highly advanced set of tools is at your disposal. You have to be quick and attentive to prove you are ready to fulfil your purpose.

More to come in the next episodes…

Developed by Singularity Lab. We are currently looking for investors and clients.

User Reviews

Oct 10, 2018
I thought this game was amazing. I really loved it. The concept of it is really fun. My only problem with it was the second part of the drone section was a bit hard on my hands from the grip, but apart from that, it was really fun! Good job!

Mar 23, 2019

Bug : pas de sons

pas très représentatif d’un exercice cérébrale d’entrainement

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