Mage VR: The Lost Memories-DBloke

Released Mar 2019 1.0★
MAGE VR: The Lost Memories is a Virtual Reality game you can play with the Vive headset. This FPS single-player action/fantasy game lets you touch the magic with gestures to choose your spells and fantastic monsters to face (trolls, ghouls, mummies, spiders …).

After you’ve forgotten your past, wake up as a wizard in a chaotic world and learn spells as you recover your memories. The goal? Beating the monsters over the levels, learning new powers by recovering your memories back and discovering why the world has become chaotic.

All spells are available from the start, and there is a quick reminder with you to learn new ones or keep them all in mind.
Just practice and you will become better.

The world is made of
– 6 fighting scenes
– 4 puzzles
– 3 cube hero
– 1 tutorial
– the menu

Some features are:
– Gesture recognition associated with spells
– Many conversations, that you can skip
– Linear exploration of varied worlds
– Fantastic monsters: trolls, ghouls, mummies, spiders and others to discover
– Teleportation system (decreased risk of motion sickness)

User Reviews

Jun 07, 2019

Game crashes upon trying to load a level. All I get is a screen watching a monster take a pee. Hardly fun once the novelty of this gag wears off! 🙁

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