MageWorks-Hadar J Silverman

Released Aug 2016 3.2★
MageWorks is a mage simulation combat and crafting game. Players flip through their spellbooks and use their staff to cast the spells. Travel to distant lands discovering new spells and enemies.

Spellbooks can be customized! With a unique bookmarking system, players can bookmark their favorite spells which places that spell into a custom spellbook. Using these bookmarks, players can tune their spellbooks to best fit their play-style and select magic that is suitable for different environment types.

Players can also customize their staff! By collecting wood, crystals and flowers in the wild, mages can create ink to draw their designs, carve and shape wood, and grind crystals to create a unique staff. The staff you create can also be 3D printed so you can bring a part of your game into reality!

MageWorks is an Early Access title that is constantly evolving and actively integrates player feedback.

User Reviews

Jul 30, 2017
Great fun for those into RPG style wizardry. Extensive environments with little secrets/loot. The beginning holds your hand a lot but then there is a lot to try and pick up on your own. Good use of different gestures adds an element of fun as well (spiking your staff to the ground like Gandalf, raising it to the sky like…Gandalf).

Dec 01, 2017
The dev has been nothing but helpfull, and amazingly fast in responding. Since my original post the dev has developed a bug fix for my issue, as well as addressed numerous suggestions personally.

The game is amazing! I could not be happier with this purchase, and I cannot wait to see what it continues to become.
PS: I never had any audio issues as others have reported.


Every time I attempt to carve my staff on the lathe the game locks up, UE throws a fatal error, and crashes.}}

EDIT: If anyone has a similar issue- The Dev has contacted me, and is currently pushing out an update for this issue. I am very happy with the Dev’s professionalism thus far, and will upgrade this review accordingly after the update is released.]

Aug 06, 2017
Ein tolles Spiel! Man kann unheimlich Vieles individuell gestalten. Die Bewegung ist ebenfalls sehr einfach. Das Spiel ist sehr umfangreich, mit einem sehr guten Tutorial. Einiges sollte aber noch verbessert werden: Das zielen ist nicht einfach und man kann sehr einfach Levelbereiche erreichen wo man nicht mehr weg kommt!

Die Quest sind genial 🙂 Die Grafik ebenso, da hat man sich wirklich Mühe gegeben. Fehlt nur ein wenig der Feinschliff 😉
Ich freue mich schon sehr auf Updates 🙂 Dieses Spiel behalte ich (habe es im Abbo).

Aug 26, 2018
Cute game with charming graphics. Lots of stuff to make and do. Unfortunately I was able to teleport into structures and creatures homes (was seeing if I could open the front door) only to get stuck there. But I understand it’s early access, and with a little tinkering and the bugs ironed out, will be a fun place to kill some time.

Sep 06, 2017
Jeu d’aventure, de récolte et de craft dans la peau d’un magicien.
Aucune difficulté si ce n’est de comprendre ce que l’on vous demande car il n’y a quasi aucun texte, des paroles en anglais et des pictogrames.
La qualité des colisions n’est pas trés bonne, le graphisme plutôt basique, les sorts trop nombreux et répétitifs pour êtres tous utiles, le jeux se finit en quelques heures avec certains niveau trop grand pour le mode téléporte (rend parfois malade à force d’enchainer les mouvements)

Jul 30, 2017
Overall, I’d say this game needs a bit more work before I can highly recommend it. Number 1 issues is the audio. No sound really makes the game unplayable.
Also targeting with fireballs is difficult. To switch spells you have to turn a page in the book. It just doesn’t flow like it should. I would like to see an easier way to switch spells quickly. Needs a bit more polishing.

Jun 17, 2018

Many of the spells didn’t work at all, despite my attempts to target them as indicated (with zero instructions I hasten to point out). Most of the problem though was there was no exploration mode – ‘level warp’ simply sent me back to the starting menu every time, no matter what I did. I can’t really recommend this as is, it seems really buggy, and lacks instruction or intuitive flow. The staff crafting tutorial was neat, but otherwise the bugs pretty much render it unplayable right now for me.

Jul 04, 2019

Double vision problem on windows mixed reality.

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