McLaren Garage VR Experience-Vive Studios

Released Nov 2018 1.4★
McLaren Garage VR Experience is a simulation VR game jointly developed by McLaren, Vive Studios and vDesign.
In the game, you will be part of the F1 McLaren pit crew members, learning how to complete new tire adjustment.
Players can choose from three different types of job. They are the tire gunners, tire demounter,tire mounter.
Tire gunners are in charge of unscrewing the bolts from the tires, using a tire gun.
Tire demounters are in charge of demounting old tires from the car.
Tire mounters are in charge of mounting new tires onto the car.
When player choose their own job, the system will guide player to complete the actions required. Upon completion of the guidance, a two-time interval simulation training will be conducted.
Eventually, the system will show the amount of time each shift takes and players can share it across social platforms.

User Reviews

Nov 26, 2018
The concept of this is fun, but the execution is amazingly flawed in so many ways. The only interactivity seems to be changing tires, and every part of that feels lazily put together. The tutorial narration comes from a robot voice that has a tenuous grasp on the english language. The car enters and leaves the pits at odd straight and sharp angles rather than turning. The whole thing is oddly slow (3 seconds or so between the car coming to a stop and the jack man sauntering in to lift it up) and after finishing a round you’re presented with no way to do anything other than quit out to the desktop.
The most fun part of this demo was actually teleporting over to the car sitting in the garage, and sitting inside. The wheel is surprisingly well detailed, and the feeling of being in the cockpit/halo area really gives a good sense of the space these drivers occupy. A shame you can’t drive it.

Nov 29, 2018

I wasted a subscription spot on a tire changing simulator that is poorly put together at best.

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