Mercenary2 : Silicon Rising-KUKRGAME

Released Apr 2019 3.7★

This is both a contest of strategy and a confrontation of physical strength. Join the long-lost, splendid, and fierce world of the Mercenary series. Enemies rise from all directions like tides, and the sound of bullets breaks through the air and echoes through the ears.


About This Game:

Silicon Rising is the second released game set in the very popular VR game, Mercenary universe. Enjoy the deeply immersive experience in the VR world. The real-life moves and arcade battle style can make you rock in the eyes of your friends! Extremely easy for beginners, recreating the real shooting actions, plus stunning visuals, various enemies, players are attracted to take the missions again and again.

Be careful! Although the health bar will automatically, but slowly recover, players need to kill enemies to take over their weapons and life-recovery agents. Better armed-enemies always outnumber you, but keep shooting, fight your way through the intense firepower, the bullet speed is not as fast as it seems.

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The story takes place in the near future. Artificial intelligence has penetrated into every corner of the world. The human crisis is emerging quietly. You will play the roles of different heroes to solve the crisis in metropolis across the world!

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Awards received

2019 GDC Best in Play Honorable Mentions!

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Continuous updates

We will continue to update Mercenary 2: Silicon rising in the future, to unlock more heroes, more difficult battles, and new experiences for you.

User Reviews

Apr 13, 2019
One of the best VR shooters I’ve tried in a long time. Check out my full preview here

Jun 14, 2019
Great VR shooter. Awesome graphics and great gameplay. However, if you modify or change your system, you will need to contact support to authorise the game on the new hardware. Unfortunately support is a little on the slow side. 5 stars for the actual game though!

May 16, 2019
This game is so hard. Also fun and it has me on my knees, only to die….lol

Jun 23, 2019
how do I get it english? I love the game but would like to know the story part of it?

May 26, 2019
Juego de oleadas, me acabo cansando de repetir lo mismo, es un poco difícil y no he logrado abrir el segundo nivel ni en el modo fácil. Poca variedad en general, pocas armas, pocos tipos de enemigos, pocos escenarios y muy parecidos. La novedad es que puedes cambiar de base en algunos escenarios, pero te gira al moverte, lo que hace que cada vez acabes mas retorcido en el suelo. Por lo demás está bien hecho.

Aug 03, 2019
This is a beautiful and high energy game, even if it is almost impossible to complete. Even playing on easy I haven’t been get past the boss. Sadly this is a perfect example of digital rights done badly, it only punishes customers who pay for the game. The game refuses to run on the slightest change to your system and requires you to email support that takes days to unlock your game and allow it to play again. For these two reasons it’s a three star review on an otherwise five star game.

May 20, 2019

It doesnt work for me, Everytime i load the game its at like 5 frames a second, then It dissconnects my oculus. No other game does this and my computer should be able to run this

Apr 26, 2019

the game itselve is great….but the support is crap 🙁 bought an new pc and from than on starts with an error-message…. “contact support e-mail” appears. Never got an answer!

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