Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams-Frost Earth Studio

Released Feb 2019 3.5★

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams lets you explore different kinds of imaginary environments and discover amazing new emotions in wonderful virtual dreams. It’s a meditative journey with inspiring and encouraging phrases and actions to enhance the experience along the way.

Explore different kinds of mental states and find your emotional balance while delighting yourself with the great soundtrack featuring music by Hollywood Oscar-winning composers and selections of the best international Artists.

Lose yourself in a magical forest and relax in a fairy underworld with fantasy mushrooms and vivid shrubbery. Take your time to appreciate every little detail and interact with the environment. Face your stronger emotions when moving through flames and tornados or adventuring in a deep cave with only your lantern to light the dark around you.

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is your personal VR world where you can choose whatever emotion you prefer to live with at that moment. Every scene comes with its individual set of default gorgeous music that best fits the environment you are in – you’re also free to choose tracks from the entire collection to ensure you feel different emotions every time.

You can also look for a special shelter and isolate yourself in a magical and safe environment to meditate.

Search for the bright spheres of opportunities, collect them all and you will have access to a new heavenly environment and features which are continuously being updated with DLC.
Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is so much more; your fantasy world to go to when you want time to relax or feel new emotions!

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams – My World –

Made in collaboration with SHRO Sbarro Health Research Organization – Philadelphia

User Reviews

Feb 27, 2019
This is a unique experience. If you’re into meditation,relaxing experience and atmospheric places that’s definitely something for you.

There are phrases to reveal with a magic ability, spheres to collect (not found them all yet), refuges to visit and a really gorgeous soundtrack. But the best thing is to just find the best spot to hear the sound of the environment and look around.

Really cool!

Feb 26, 2019
I costantly recommend this game to everyone I know. It’s the kind of experience that makes you want to come back everyday, even just to relax after a long exhausting day.

Feb 26, 2019
Truly beautiful, gorgeous environments with mesmerizing music!

Jan 01, 2020
I first tried this out through my membership here and I so much enjoyed it that I had to purchase it. Like described, It is very meditative and relaxing. Left with a feeling of calm and well being. I very much enjoy the Quotes you find throughout this wonderful experience. Thank you for your creation in VR. Smiles to you all

Apr 13, 2019
This is so cool! Love the environments and music. I often find myself laying down and enjoying the view when not looking for ‘opportunities’. I only wish I could buy the soundtrack separately so I could enjoy those nice tunes anytime!

Apr 27, 2019
It’s a walking simulator/experience. It’s OK.

The one “guidance” I found was OK (said I should breathe slow, but its tempo started way faster than my natural breathing). Didn’t count as completed, so I don’t know what the game is looking for.

Startup hint to others: Figured out how to enable teleportation (menu button, aim at checkbox, then press trackpad (?!) to click the checkbox) and then I could play the game. Tolerably comfortable (too bad every teleport smears you to a surface, so every teleport is a burp of…burp). Instant teleport is what I need, and it almost does it.

Mar 29, 2019
If you like meditation or just something to simple walk through this is a great game for you. I got bored in under an hour. But it was very beautiful.

May 12, 2019
Did not understand the controls or simply does not work with WMR. I don’t know.

The graphics are pretty and the music is chilling. At least in the place where you decide where to go…

Mar 22, 2019
Looks nice and something i could enjoy, but the controls need fixed to make this in any way enjoyable. I don’t use teleport but its just doesn’t work on vive wands. The smooth motion is ok but the difference in speeds just do not make sense, Sometimes you will zoom along and other times you will slow to a snails pace for no real reason. Strafing sideways around seems to give a more constant speed but thats not practical. And no snap/smooth turning options makes seated play not possible. Tried about 4 maps and kept getting stuck in the scenery in the tree house level and just gave up.

Could be a nice relaxing game but the wrestling with the controls left me more stressed after playing than relaxed.

Jul 04, 2019

Controllers doesn’t work on windows mixed reality.

Feb 28, 2019

Why cant teleport with WMR controllers? Unplayable on WMR, no excuse (i read supported headsets).

Oct 26, 2019
Nice concept but this does not properly support my Cosmos controllers. No way to turn around. Works OK with my Oculus Rift though. Honestly, how hard is it for developers to properly map the Cosmos controllers? It should almost be a copy/past of the Oculus Touch controllers imho.

Feb 26, 2019
Looks beautiful but can’t move around within the game?? It is almost impossible to get the controller to work with the game. Very disappointed it should not be this difficult. I had very high hopes for this experience.

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