Miracle Aquarium-深圳脑穿越科技有限公司

Released Apr 2019
Surrounded by romantic sea water, get in touch closely with diverse marine life, you can create your own aquarium with your own will, make a comfortable living for your lovely fishes.

Features of the game:

* Calm and tranquil experience in the sea

Deep in the water, admire the swimming fishes, listen to peace music, and just simple click on the controller, you will get spiritual purification in this beautiful summer time.

* Raise multiple fishes
Clownfish or sea turtle, you can raise multiple fishes at your own will, try if you can raise any of the big-size fish, such as manta ray!

* Create your own aquarium
Move stones and aquatic plants to create your own aquarium, make a comfortable place for your fishes.

* Have a taste of life
Fishes will fall in love with each others and having child, accompany with your fish from eggs to paradise, experience the journey of life river.

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