Mr.Hack Jack: Robot Detective-株式会社Donuts

Released May 2019 4.5★
Mr Hack Jack: Robot Detective is a light-hearted take on detective stories set in a jazzy robot world.
In Mr Hack Jack: Robot Detective you will reconstruct a stream of mysterious robot crimes by solving puzzles and interacting with a bunch of funny yet fairly incompetent Police bots.
Using your detective tools and hacking abilities, investigate each scene and uncover the victim’s final moments. Hack into doors and robot brains with your “hack jack” plug and use your magnifier to uncover hidden clues.

User Reviews

Jun 11, 2019
Really cute and easy game for new or young VR players.

Jun 09, 2019
Puzzle fans be warned, 80% of this game is trivially easy and the other 20% is easy. In that respect, it’s for kids. But it’s also about robot crime lords murdering and torturing other robots, so maybe it’s not for young kids. Hardest things are a simon says game 6 notes long, or searching for the last blood spatter clue using a UV flashlight. It’s about an hour long. The UI is intuitive and the graphics and presentation are excellent.

Aug 31, 2019
bon jeu d’enquete

Jun 13, 2019
Its a very relax VR Game. Its easy, yes. Its bad for that? NOPE

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