Museum of Symmetry-National Film Board of Canada & Casa Rara

Released Aug 2018 4.5★
“There are no rules here. Just enjoy.”

Part invitation, part dare, an impish game mistress welcomes you into a delightfully disorienting pleasure dome inspired by geometry and nature—and wired with infectious dance beats.

A VR metaphor for life, Museum of Symmetry takes the player through landscapes of earth, fire, wind and water, where vivacious 2D characters live in a 3D playground. Museum of Symmetry disrupts conventional game storytelling to create an unexpected pleasure-positive trip in VR as never experienced before.

Key (VR) Features
• A narrative room-scale VR game filled with beautiful environments and unexpected characters
• Interact with an alter-universe you can only experience in VR, through an innovative mix of 2D, 3D and immersive sound
• Take a kaleidoscopic joyride through the highest clouds to the ocean deep
• Play at your own pace, no risk or rush
• Designed for maximum comfort in VR, this game is suitable for daring and immaginative players
• Suitable for children of all ages

Directed and animated by Paloma Dawkins, co-authored by Dawkins and poet, Ashley Obscura. Original electronic score by Caila Thompson-Hannant, a.k.a Mozart’s Sister. Developed by budding VR upstart Casa Rara Studio, and produced by The National Film Board of Canada’s award-winning Animation Studio.

User Reviews

Dec 28, 2019
It looks good, creative drawings. I like the interaction when I got inside the planets

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