Released Oct 2017 1.0★
Select deflagration song! Choose cool weapons! To kill the enemy!
Songs more fuel, the gun can be fired bullets more lethal.
After shooting the enemy, you can collect the energy needed to use weapons, when you reach the required energy value of the weapons, you can use weapons!
Weapon type random reward, try to collect more cool weapons!
Pay attention to your health value, do not be playing before the end of the music slightly down slightly.
How to play:
1. Choose the song you want to play from the local file
2. Choose the weapon you want to use (more weapons is comming)
3. Choose a battle scene (more scenes is comming)
4. After entering the scene, pull the trigger, the bullet will be based on changes in the rhythm of the music different attack power
5. Press the handle’s touchpad to teleport the location for better combat
6. Press the handle menu button at any time, bring up the menu page, the handle touch the weapon located below, there will be vibration feedback. Took the trigger to pick up the weapon, and then put the weapon to use

User Reviews

May 15, 2019

Just plays your song while you are shooting things directed at you. Dunno. Do not like it.

Works with WMR.

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