Mysteries & Mansions-VictoryVR

Released Jan 2019
A “murder” has occurred and we’re collecting clues–DNA evidence to be exact. Discover the variety of collection methods and testing processes while looking for the suspect’s motive in the game room.

Fly through pleasant pastel clouds as you twist and turn, diving through hoops in the sky. You chart your course by soaring through the ring with the correct answer to science questions posed in the clouds.

Sweet, sticky donuts spike blood sugar–see how this fun fact helps solve the animated mystery of the 13 donuts.

If variety is the spice of life, then inheritable genetics is an herb garden. Distinguish between dominant vs. recessive traits as two cultures come together, changing the appearance of future generations.

Arches, loops, and whorls–oh my! Knowing these distinct fingerprint features will shed more light on the “murder” mystery showcased during the field trip. Nothing says fun like gel electrophoresis processing.

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