Naturallandscape – GuilinLandscape-Magicvalley Studio

Released Jan 2018 1.3★
The Natural landscape series is a virtual tourism VR game based on unreal engine developed meticulously by Magicvalley Studio. The Guilin landscape is the second episode, through satellite DEM data, it reveals to us the beautiful scenery of Lijiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo County. You can also adjust the time in the scene and experience different charming landscapes in the morning, noon and evening. In this episode you can drive your own speed boat galloping above the river, experience the speed and excitement above the water, and you can also travel cozily on a bamboo raft or yacht along the river and appreciate the charming and precipitous natural landscape of guilin.

User Reviews

Apr 30, 2019
Area is too small it would be nice it the scene looped

Oct 08, 2019

Poor visuals and sound

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