NFT Games: A New Era of the Gaming Industry

NFT or so-called non-fungible tokens are unique blockchains that have additional properties compared to standard solutions such as UNI, AAVE, etc. Now, this technology is considered the most promising and attracts the attention of investors. The same goes for creatives who want to explore new horizons. But is the new ecosystem so promising?

NFT Games

We can find dozens of NFT projects in the cryptocurrency market that have no purpose or are useless and will only bring losses in the long run. But that doesn’t mean people can’t make a fortune with the best digital products. Let’s look at the prospects of such solutions. This is probably interesting for both investors and gamers.

NFT Digital Products — Key Principles

Today’s gaming industry is based on NFT and MetaVerse. There is no doubt about this because developers want to get the most out of their products. They are adding more dimensions to their gameplays and customizing characters for different ecosystems. Of course, it’s really impressive.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are in love with video games can become the true owner of every item and character, not just the accounts that can be lost at any time for various reasons. This is a good confirmation that the blockchain is changing the gaming industry in the best way. In order to play NFT games in MetaVerse, follow the  algorithm:

  • Check platforms like ICOholder to see where users can buy NFT and with which currencies.
  • Pick a website to make your purchase. Consider not only transaction costs, but also the type of cryptocurrency used.
  • Make the purchase on your chosen platform. Most websites have detailed instructions to guide you through the process.
  • Develop your character and skills in the game to increase the value of assets.

Through tokenization and based on the BTC, players can receive NFTs. Although this is not the only innovation that attracts enthusiasts. People can also earn digital coins, which are the main currency of most products. Such a principle of making money is called “play to earn”. Most ecosystems based on the blockchain are popular not because of the gameplay but due to the opportunity to get profit from various activities performed in the game. This is not only an impressive experience but also the prospects for innovation in various areas. Any experienced developer will confirm this trend. Perhaps this is the main reason for the interest in NFT of creative teams that are involved in the creation of 3D games.

The Most Anticipated NFT Games of 2022

Playing NFT games, people not only have real assets but also earn with the gameplay, are so in demand. Here are the top 5 NFT games:

Illuvium. One of the most anticipated among NFT games. The creative team that created this digital product consists of 90 experienced programmers, graphic designers, and experts. Illuvium is a unique auto-battler and open-world RPG rolled into one. In the game, users can mine, collect, capture and fight digital currency. Each beast has unique stats and classes, and people can get them while hunting.

Sandbox. It’s a mobile gaming hit of 2011 that generated a total of 40 million downloads for iOS and Android. After the huge success of mobile devices, the developers decided it was time for the blockchain. Perhaps it was one of the most profitable ideas of the creative team. This developer has built a virtual world where people can play, own BTC and get profit from their virtual experience.
The Metaverse is no longer so realistic. This product is similar to the popular Minecraft. Artists and designers using VoxEdit and Game Maker can create assets (NFT tokens – ASSET). You should definitely try this product if you want to get the best experiences with virtual dioramas and art galleries.

Star Atlas. This product is based on the Solana platform. Star Atlas is still in the early stages of development, and while the first mini-games should be released soon, the full version probably won’t appear until the end of 2022. However, the first NFTs are already available for purchase. Star Atlas is a metaverse set in space in the year 2620. Players will be able not only to extract resources and travel but also to buy spaceships for battles.

Big Time. The biggest advantage of this game is that a team of game industry veterans is working on the product. This could not but affect the gameplay and principles of the new digital product. Many enthusiasts come from companies such as Blizzard, EA, Epic Games, and Riot. They contributed to the creation of games such as Fortnite, God of War, Call of Duty. Some creative ideas were adopted from Overwatch and Gears of War.
The CEO of the project is Ari Meilich, founder of Decentraland. Big Time is a hack and slash co-op RPG that combines action-packed combat, NFT collecting, and story-driven adventure to create the ultimate gaming experience. Users can buy equipment, pets, mounts, titles, ranks, etc. Very rare items can be rented or sold to other gamers.

Guardian Guild. This product is based on the Ethereum platform. Guild of Guardians is a fantasy MMORPG where players compete in a guild. A new game is free. Any user can earn resources and heroes without spending a dime. With over 120,000 enthusiasts on the waitlist, this game has been adopted by Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab.
GoG is set in a fantasy role-playing world where users can compete for mages, warriors, elves, orcs, etc. Gems, which will be an ERC-20 token (not NFT), is the main currency. Players spend coins every time they want to create a new resource on the blockchain, make a purchase, or vote on changes to the game.

Key Takeaway

Metaverse NFT has become the hottest trend in the gaming world in 2021. The huge success of games like Axie Infinity with over $3 billion sold in NFTs looks like the start of a new era. Enthusiasts can receive amazing rewards for their talents and these are promising prospects. People can convert in-game assets (characters, costumes, weapons, and more) into unique and valuable cryptocurrency tokens. The resulting coins can be sold and collected for profit. 

This guest post was written by Melaine Ruben Please note that we do not take any responsibility in how accurate or wrong this information may be, as it’s only aimed at providing helpful tips.


Are NFT games legit?

There are a lot of different opinions on this question. Some people believe that NFT games are legitimate and some people believe that they are not. I cannot say for certain which side is right, but I can tell you what I think.

From what I have seen, it seems like many of the NFT games out there are scams. They promise great rewards in exchange for your investment, but never deliver on those promises. However, there may be a few legitimate games out there, so it is worth doing your research before investing in any game.

Be sure to read reviews and compare different games before investing your money. That way, you can be sure you are investing in a game that has a good chance

What is NFT game?

NFT games are games that use non-fungible tokens as in-game assets. Non-fungible tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that is unique, meaning each token is different from every other. This makes them perfect for use in gaming, as it ensures that no two players can have the same items in their game inventory.

NFT games are becoming more and more popular, as they offer a unique gaming experience that is not possible with traditional games. In addition, they often use blockchain technology to create a trustless gaming environment in which players can be sure that their virtual assets cannot be stolen or duplicated.

What are NFT games?

“NFT games” are games that use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as in-game items. These tokens are unique and cannot be replaced by another token of the same type, making them perfect for representing unique in-game assets such as weapons, armor, or other virtual goods.

The use of NFTs in gaming opens up a whole new world of possibilities for game developers and players alike. For developers, it allows them to create games with a much more complex economy and item system than would be possible with traditional game assets. For players, it provides a way to own and trade virtual items in a secure and trustless manner.

How do NFT games work?

There are a few different ways that NFT games work, but they all have to do with the fact that players can interact with each other directly. Some games allow players to place items and structures on a map that other players can then interact with. Other games allow players to battle each other in real time.

The important thing about NFT games is that the gameplay is always determined by the actions of the players. There is no scripted story or set path for players to follow – it’s all up to them! This makes every game session unique and gives players a lot of control over their own gaming experience.