The most coveted update is finally happening: No Mans Sky VR

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen No Man’s Sky made its debut on Playstation 4 back in August, 2016, the gaming world was taken by storm. This was a game that came out to swoop gamers off their feet. Although this was amazing, people had always wondered why, the game didn’t debut on th PSVR when it was released a few months later. This wonder came from the fact that a few of the major games that debuted that year created VR versions for the platform.

No Mans Sky VR screen

Hello Games being the developers of No Mans Sky

Either way speculators were optimistic at the prospects of the game moving to VR. Hence it was just a matter of when this transfer was going to happen. Hello Games being the developers of No Mans Sky have always felt the pressure and are now doing all they can to get VR support for their loved game. It looks like the two and a half year wait in now over. No Mans Sky has seen a couple of major updates over the years; from Xbox to ports to PC and a wide range of other attributes, but now, the most coveted update is finally happening.

By the end of March, it was announced that No Man’s Sky will be coming to all major VR headsets like HTC Vive, PC VR, Oculus Rift and PSVR via SteamVR this summer. The game will be coming along with the Beyond update. The support for VR will be in the form of a free patch to the original game, and this patch will work together with all non-VR gamers in the game’s universe. It will come complete with terraforming, multiplayer, base building and the many updates the game has gotten over the years. For gamers who are aware of how much work this meant for the developers, they will know that this is no small feat.

No Mans Sky VR screen

It is worthy to note that the game is still many months away from release

A few stakeholders had the amazing opportunity to play the game two weeks ago on the HTCVive Pro at GDC which held in San Francisco, California. While a few others got to play the game on PSVR. According to gamers who had the opportunity to play the game on both platforms, the game is visually stunning on both platforms. The hyper realistic look and feel of the game was generally commended.

Although both platforms look amazing visually, there were still quite a few notable visual differences. It is worthy to note that the game is still many months away from release, so a few of these design gaps could be corrected before then. The gameplay on the HTC Vive PRO looked a lot better than the PSVR’s gameplay. On the PSVR, distant objects appear blurred, but people could argue that this is because the HTC Vive Pro is a premium VR headset. This attribute alone gives the device a major advantage over the PSVR in terms of performance.

No Mans Sky VR screen

Regardless of the lower specifications of the PSVR, the gameplay still ran very smoothly on the device. It was quite easy to navigate the game and this was all without any drops in the frame rate of the game. The smooth gameplay alone is enough to keep gamers distracted enough to worry about the slightly lower quality display on the PSVR version of the game. There have always been doubts about the PS4 being capable of running games as heavy as No Man’s Sky so smoothly, but Hello Games proved everyone wrong.

Quite natural gameplay

At GDC, Sony and Hello Games were not granted the authorization to reveal the specific type of hardware the demo of No Man’s Sky was running on. As of today, there is no official news yet regarding the kind of support that would be available for the game on PS4 Pro. However, it is expected that the game will get a minimal boost of extra support as seen with all other games. In addition to this, both the PSVR and the PC VR version of No Man’s Sky are very identical when it comes to features. The game itself comes with a lot of comfort options for those who are looking for that extra comfort during gameplay. These options can be toggled off as well for those who feel like they are up to the challenge.

No Mans Sky VR screen

The gameplay will feel quite natural for gamers as the gaming environment has been fully optimized for VR to ensure that navigation is as comfortable as possible. Regardless of the fact that No Man’s Sky is being ported from regular consoles to VR, the studio has ensured that the game maintains its wonderful attribute of immersion, making this iteration of the game even more potentially loved than the last. According to the stakeholders who had the opportunity to play a demo of the game; No Man’s Sky will never leave any gamer feeling like they were playing a game that transitioned from a non-VR console to a VR console.

No Man’s Sky is well on its way to become one of the best and most expensive VR games on sale till date. Upon the release of the game, gamers are advised to make adequate use of the VR support that would be coming with the game. The reason why No Man’s Land is such a big deal is because of the game’s massive scope. The game combines the best features of all free world games and adds extra features that are bound to leave gamers awestruck and happy. Upon its launch, No Man’s Land will probably be one of the few games that top the gaming charts all through the year of 2019.

No Man’s Sky: VR Trailer

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