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The Apps and Games for the Oculus Go That You Can’t Be Without

Introducing the Oculus Go, the standalone VR system that will bring a new type of gaming to thousands of people, if not more. With no PC or smartphone needed, all you need to do to get started is to strap it on and play. VR gaming was never easier or more accessible and since its launch, there’s been a raft of new games and apps which are compatible with the device.

Choose from more than 1000 from the Gear VR library which already exists or probe your way through approximately two dozen new titles, the choice is yours. But with so many available and compatible with the Oculus Go, which is the best to pick?

Never fear, we’ve got your back, and we’ve done the homework, so you don’t have to. Looking through both old and new apps across multiple platforms, we’ve found the ones that no Oculus Go user should be without.

The Newer Entries

Anshar Online

A dogfighting series based in space (yes really), Ozwe’s third installment is Anshar Online. If you loved Anshar Wars 2, you’re in for a treat as this game takes everything that was good about the last one and adds more features. You can choose to play it as a co-op as well as tuning into your competitive streak in multiplayer too. Visually well-presented with crisp images, the ability to utilize cross-player functionality between the Rift, Go, and Gear VR gets it top marks.

Catan VR

If you remember this top-selling board game, you’ll love the new presentation of it as a VR simulation. The board game feels a little old hat these days, but VR breathes new life into what is still a fascinating idea. Compete with other players around the world and do your best to strike deals with strangers and friends alike. Well-designed and fun to play, this is the perfect example of updating an old classic with real improvements.

Dead Secret: Circle

Step back in time to 1960s Chicago with a mystery game that’s got a healthy dose of horror too. Your role is as the beleaguered reporter who’s following their hunches by investigating a case…complete with violent murderer on the loose. You need to keep your wits about you to stay alive while tracking down the homicidal maniac. This title comes from the same stable as Dead Secret, a game that received real plaudits. If you played and enjoyed Dead Secret, the chances are this one will hit the sweet spot too.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

A sci-fi adventure that goes beyond the usual Eclipse:Edge of Light will leave you feeling as if you really have broken through a new frontier and discovered an alien world. With full movement controls, the game is incredibly immersive and according to reviewers, one of the best VR games around for mobiles.

Republique VR

Does the perfect VR recipe include a hint of RPG with a pinch of stealth and a generous helping of narrative-based play? If that’s to your taste, take a look at Republique VR, a game that’s created by an experienced team who’ve worked on top titles such as Metal Gear Solid, FEAR and Halo. Split up into a total of five episodes, Republique is one that’s tipped for the top.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis

Yes, we know – table tennis doesn’t exactly sound enthralling, but trust us when we say this is one to try. The spatial elements of the game spring into life, and it’s hard to remember that you’re just in a virtual game. Whether you’ve got the basic or advanced controllers, you’ll get the most out of Racket Fury and if you move into multiplayer mode, you’ll feel like you’re taking part into a genuine tournament.


You may have heard of this game from the original PSVR line-up but it’s now been transported into other systems, including the Oculus Go. Part of a new genre of games known as rhythm violence, it’s an overwhelming experience as you respond to the beats of the music while taking part in what might be one of the most intense games around.

Void Racer

Racing games don’t seem to figure highly in the list of priorities for developers, and those that do exist are fairly cartoonish and basic. Enter Void Racer, the title that changes all of that. A futuristic VR game that will appeal to anyone who loves to race and compete. Controls are simple, and you can even steer with one hand, but don’t let that fool you as this is an adrenaline-pumping battle to the finish line!

Best Ported Games


There are some games which offer the opportunity to pick up and play easily without getting too invested. Bait is the perfect example of this, an engaging game that anyone can enjoy for short bursts. A VR fishing experience, there’s plenty to catch in the water as well as angling gear to accumulate. Simple yet utterly enjoyable, Bait is one that you’ll go back to time and again.

Coaster Combat

Rollercoasters aren’t the most original of themes, and for the most part, they’re fairly dull and repetitive, even when offered in VR format. However, Coaster Combat is different from all the rest and worth making an exception for. The graphics for the track are magnificent, and there are the usual twists and turns along the route. However, what makes this rollercoaster game stand out is the mission to shoot orbs and wipe out enemies along the route, adding far more interest. Even better, the track is individually generated, so you’ll never experience the same ride twice. What other rollercoaster can claim that?!

Drop Dead

Wave-based zombie shooters are the mainstay of many new VR developers but don’t pass this one by without having a play. Drop Dead follows a format which may well be familiar to many, but the play is accurate and enjoyable. Using motion control provides accurate aiming, and the co-op hookup provides extra fun and of course, there’s no shortage of zombies to put down as you zip around time.

End Space

In direct contrast to Anshar Online, End Space provides an incredible experience for a single player. With endless missions and available upgrades, it’s a simulation that will leave you utterly engaged.

Face Your Fears

Make no mistake, this game is out to terrify players, and even the most robust won’t fail to be affected by the horror that lies within. Taking all of the most common fears and phobias and releasing them within various episodes in the game, the story builds with each vignette, extending and amplifying the sheer panic that every player is guaranteed to experience.

Keep Talking and No-one Explodes

Keep Talking and No-one Explodes is the ultimate party game, and even better if a few drinks are involved. The player in the VR headset is tasked with defusing a bomb, but the only way they can do is by listening to instructions that others in the room can read out. The problem is, they can’t see what you can see, and you can’t see what they can see… between you all, can you figure out what to do before you’re all blown to pieces? Virtually, of course.

Ocean Rift

It’s a bit of a stretch describing this as a game as it’s more akin to a visit to an underwater zoo. Embark on a marine safari as you explore the ocean and interact with creatures and relax in the water. If you crave the calm of an aquarium, this is the next best thing – it’s also a good way for players to start learning about VR.

Virtual Virtual Reality

No, that’s not a mistake. Yes, we did mean to type that twice! Bizarrely enough, that really is the name of the game. Take a strange journey into the future where humanity is now reliant on VR and the different realities it offers. You’ll never guess what the next twist in the story holds, and as one of the most sophisticated and well-designed apps across all of the platforms, it’s one not to be missed.


We’re still waiting (impatiently!) for Harry Potter and Hogwarts to make a decent appearance on a VR app, but in the meantime Wands will provide a much-needed magical fix. A dueling game based on spells, this is a 1v1 setup. You may not have the wisdom of Dumbledore, but you’ll still need to know your spells if you want to stand any chance of defeating your opponent. The final battle will take place in an arena where you’ll be facing another wizard who’s as magically tooled up as you.

The Well

RPG games aren’t well-represented within the Oculus Go range. Amidst the masses of adventures, puzzles, and shooters, The Well represents a welcome change with its emphasis on character progression, exploration, and action. Developed by the same people as Face Your Fears, it’s got glorious artwork and is one of the few turn-based RPG VR titles out there.

Best Social Apps


Completely free of charge, AltspaceVR is a social network app that’s been designed for VR. With spaces to play games, hang out, watch videos, or meet up in rooms, there’s the chance to interact just as if you’d met up in person. For VR meets, this is one of the best systems, and even better, it’s got cross-platform support with Gear VR, Vive, Rift, and some non VR PC systems.


Another freebie, as it stands, you can’t host a room yourself but on the Oculus Go, you can hop into a room that’s already being hosted by a PC-user. Bigscreen allows users to cast their PC onto a screen, thereby using it as a means of streaming video, games, movies, or anything else that takes your fancy. A remote desktop function provides PC access within VR by utilizing Go. Already an exciting app to try, watch this space as it’s one that will be developed and enhanced in the future.

Oculus Rooms

An alternative to AltspaceVR, Oculus Rooms is another meet-up VR app and it’s completely free as it comes ready installed on your Oculus Go. With a Party chat, you can bring friends back to your own room where you can enjoy decorating the walls, furniture and floor. Go one step further and choose photos from your Facebook or cell phone to put on the wall of your VR room. Once you’ve finished personalizing it, you can choose to stream photos or videos to the rest of the group or head up to the balcony in the loft and play board games.

Virtual Desktop

VR is primarily about having lots of fun, but this app offers practical and functional use which is quite simply mind-blowing. You can access your desktop via a VR headset using WiFi. This means you could be anywhere in the world, but if you slip on your headset, you’ll be hooked up to your desktop instantly. This app offers a glimpse at what the mobile workstation of the future could look like, providing full functionality just as if you were sat at your desk. Oh, and as an added bonus, you can stream non-VR titles to your headset for fun!

Best Media Non-Gaming Apps

Dear Angelica

Just 12 minutes long, this VR short was deservedly nominated for an Emmy. We won’t give too much away about the story, but it’s an emotional journey that you’ll feel completely immersed in as you go along. Although you won’t want to stop the narrative, you can pause it for a moment to investigate your surroundings, where the level of detail is beyond admirable. For example, get on the floor and peek under the bed – you’ll find a stash of dirty washing, just like any typical teenager’s room!


Love music but find it hard to get to festivals, let alone organizing a back-stage pass? MelodyVR sorts that little problem out for you. Taking the player on a musical journey, it’s just like attending a live music show where you’ll have access to all areas. With a diverse range of music and concerts available, it’s the perfect pick me up that you can enjoy without setting foot outside your home.

Guided Meditation VR

Meditation is the perfect counterfoil to the modern lifestyle, but it can be tricky to find the headspace to manage it properly. This app helps by offering a number of relaxing and serene settings where you can relax and focus on stilling your mind.


Although the app is free, you’ll need a subscription to Netflix to access the library of movies. If you’re already a regular watcher of Netflix you may wonder why you’d give up watching it on your own TV and switch to your phone, but this app has more than a little magic about it. Do you long to snuggle up and watch a movie on a huge TV, while taking it easy in a cabin in the mountains? You got it. Transport your viewing to somewhere different and experience TV in a completely new way.

Oculus Apps

There are a range of different Oculus Apps and they’re perfect for anyone using a Go. Oculus TV links up with a number of TV services to bring them into the world of VR, while Oculus Video proves 360 content, and Oculus Venues gives you access to live events.


OK, Wander may not be Google Earth on VR but it’s a pretty good substitution. Explore anywhere in the world you want with 360 images, which make you feel as if you’re standing right there. It also includes voice recognition for easier searches as well as a link with Wikipedia for locations, plus a number of different navigation modes and historical info too.


Free to use, Within is widely considered to be the best provider of VR videos with everything from documentaries to original miniseries available. It’s expected to continue to grow and evolve, so keep a close eye on what they’re doing.

YouTube VR

It’s YouTube, need we say much more?! The app that everyone needs, but now in VR with a rapidly increasing number of 3D and 360 videos available – especially in the horror and travel genres.

VR Sports

Add a bit of extra interest to your fitness regime with VR Sports, the accessory to aerobic exercise. Whether you long to run across snow-capped mountains or deep in lush forests, it’s all available in VR.

A Growing Database

VR apps and games on the Oculus Go have already exploded in volume since the original release. VR is still very much in its infancy, and as developers scrabble to get aboard, you can expect to see even more apps developed for use.

Is there an app or a game for the Oculus Go that you think should have made this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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