Oniris VR Basket-Oniris Studios

Released Oct 2016
About the game
Immerse yourself in Oniris Basket VR, a game created for HTC Vive in which you can become a professional All Star player and participate in the famous three point contest. Enjoy playing basketball in the different surrealistic scenarios and game modes. Have fun, train and compete to improve day by day.

Key features:
Physics and graphics specially adapted for virtual reality. Play and move around the court with a complete sensation of immersion.
The scenarios count with numerous details to create a unique climate in each of them. If you add the different type of basketballs and interactable objects each game will turn into a different experience.

Several different scenarios:
“High School” Court
“Salvador Dalí Dreams” Court
“2050 worker” Court

Various game modes:
Training: Free training on the Salvador Dali Dreams court. Prove yourself throwing from different distances and positions. Learning and adapting your technique for each one of them.
Combo mode: You’ll have to get the maximum possible consecutive baskets. The player‘s position will change randomly and gradually increasing the difficulty.
Three-point contest: You will have one minute to score the maximum possible baskets. You will have five racks with five balls each. Remember that Drusiball (the multicolor basketball) worth double. GOOD LUCK!

In constant development
Oniris Basket VR continues to develop. This are some of the features that we want to introduce in the future:
Online multiplayer: Challenge your friends in any game mode within the commodity of your home.
Global scores: Get to top at the Basket VR ranking on its daily, weekly and historic leaderboards.
Extreme combo mode: Play combo mode with new features: fireballs, giant hops, hidden secrets…
Left and right-handed adapted gameplay.
Improved interactions: new ways to interact with the ball and make tricks with it.
Improved physics and graphics: we keep continuously working on the improvement of these characteristics.
Multi language support: the game translated to your local language.
Many surprises: 😉

We are also opened to receive new ideas and any kind of feedback. If you have any suggestion you can send it to feedbackBasketVR@oniris-studios.com Thank you!

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