Organ Quarter-Outer Brain

Released Sep 2019 4.0★
Organ Quarter is a VR survival horror game built from the ground-up for hand-tracked virtual reality. Explore labyrinthine environments, engage in tense combat, carefully manage your resources and solve horrifying puzzles in this homage to the slow, methodical survival horror experiences of the ’90s.

Horror in your personal space, as well as in the world outside. Horror you have to reach out to and touch. Organ Quarter leverages hand-tracked and room-scale VR to provide the most intense and unsettling experience possible.The sense of physical space and presence unique to the VR medium is carefully leveraged, pushing players past their comfort zone, bringing them into tight, claustrophobic environments and making them get up close and personal with monsters (who may not always be hostile…).

This is not a wave shooter or a walking simulator – Organ Quarter is a long-form horror adventure. This is an experience that plays out over a large area over 5-8 hours, with intricately connected levels, gun combat, resources and tools at the player’s disposal.

Uncover what has gripped and twisted the Organ Quarter. Over weeks and months of isolation in your apartment, something has happened to the city. It has become infected. Its places. Its people. Everything has become twisted by a disease that may or may not have a motive. Explore a city that has become a wasteland and body-horror nightmare, full of surreal puzzles and grotesque beings.

• tense survival and combat and a nightmarish, hostile environment
• spatial and physical puzzles that toy with hand-tracked VR systems
• a selection of powerful weapons with which to dispatch many types of foe
• unique VR twists on survival horror staples you love
• a self-contained story where you delve into the heart of what has twisted the city

User Reviews

Oct 20, 2019
Incredible VR game for all Silent Hill Fans !!

Nov 24, 2019
its good but have you heard of resident evil 2?

Jan 25, 2020
I liked the artistic and atmospheric sense it brings. It’s refreshing to play a horror game that doesn’t rely on jump scares. Graphics/Textures do seem dated, but the level design is good so it didn’t really take away from game. Didn’t really understand the story/events during the last segment of the game though.

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