Released Oct 2019 4.3★
PAGAN PEAK VR will take you on a journey to the darkest corners of the human mind. You will find yourself in a mysterious alpine cabin, captured by the Krampus Killer.
Your only chance to survive is to explore the cabin and solve the riddles laid out by the killer, emerging deeper and deeper into his psyche.
Immerse yourself in a dark world inspired by the Sky Original series. Challenge yourself to think like a criminal profiler. Use your intuition, gather the pieces of the puzzle and keep looking over your shoulder.
With intensely realistic graphics captured with photogrammetry and a wide range of interactions designed from the ground up for room scale VR, PAGAN PEAK VR
will entice and terrify even the most experienced escape room gamers.

User Reviews

Oct 24, 2019
With all this Brexit insanity on the horizon I think I might just live in this cabin for the weekend. It would be a nice escape from the real world were it not for that ticking bomb or the feeling that this Krampus bloke might come and murder me at any moment.
But seriously, this game is beautiful and a lot of fun to solve. Awesome to see escape room games in VR at such a sophisticated level.

Oct 24, 2019
First review! Woo hoo!

So far I have played about an hour and I havent finished it but I am looking forward to getting back in this world. Its dark, very unsettling beautiful and extremely atmospheric.

I appreciate that I have to think for myself and that I am not spoon fed clues. Finally an esape room game that raises the bar. Because lets face it, there are a lot of trashy escape room games out there. This one is a gem so far… Not sure if I am looking forward to meeting the killer though. He is scary AF!

Oct 24, 2019
OMG! A game that supports Cosmos right out of the box!!!
First impression is very good so far. An alpine horror to run your blood cold in the winter season. Nice.

Jan 17, 2020
I am not sure if I won the game or lost it and have to start from the beginning? When I escaped the cabin, I fell in the woods and got a message “game over” on the screen. Did I just die in the woods? no option to continue from a saved spot, only to start a new game…

Oct 25, 2019
Jouer sur Oculus rift cv1: La prise en main des objets n’est pas du tout au point. La prise et la relache des objects est pénible et parfois ne fonctionne pas. Les graphiques sont très beaux et détaillés, cependant avec ma configuration(i5 9500k et rtx2070), ce n’est aucunement fluides même avec les graphiques à normal. Je crois qu’il y a de gros effort a faire du côté de l’optimisation pour gagner de nombres FPS.
Par contre tout les éléments ( enigmes, ambiance,histoire, frayeur etc..) sont présent pour être un excellent ”escape room” d’horreur. En espérant une prochaine mise à jour qui corrigera le tout et qui me permettra de mettre une meilleur note.

Oct 25, 2019
Graphics are real nice, feels like a small cabin in a winter mountain area. Love the subtle snow, moving fog near the ground, and dyanmic lighting, so as you take your time, the sunlight gets darker.

As for gameplay, Cannot play with locomotion using hand. for vive controls, have trouble moving around forward, back, left, right. Did mange to play with headview without issues(I dont like this view but had no choice). You can pick up items and do alittle interact. Mostly sound puzzles.

This is a escape game, where you figure out puzzles to get out. Personally dont like these games, but thats just me.

Nov 30, 2019

doesnt work with rift.

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