JavaScript FAQs

JavaScript FAQs

The Basics of JavaScript What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a script language program, which is primarily used to build websites. JavaScript can be used by itself, but it is particularly impactful when paired with HTML and CSS. Think of JavaScript … Read more

The VR Gaming Landscape of 2019

While regular game consoles are making giant strides and improvements in the kinds of services they offer gamers, VR consoles are also getting major upgrades as well. These upgrades, if done right, will see traditional gamers move into the VR … Read more

Titan Arena VR

Titan Arena VR Promises to be Addictive Game

From the moment that there were speculations that this game could be a reality, gamers have kept their fingers crossed in hopes that these weren’t just rumors. If you have ever imagined what Shadow of the Colossus would look like … Read more

Swords of Gargantua

Swords of Gargantua VR Review

Fantastic sword fight game! Summary: I have played this game for only about an hour but it has already impressed me! It’s now my favourite sword fight game! The fight scenes are amazing so realistic. The audio and graphics are … Read more