Space Station Simulator – A Review

The premise Space Station Simulator: Mission ISS is probably at the heart of many people’s dreams. We have all, at some time, thought about what it would like to be an astronaut. Even we never wanted to travel up to … Read more

The Wizards: Dark Times VR Logo

The Wizards: Dark Times VR – A Review

The premise This is the sequel to The Wizards, the spellcaster game where you are immersed in a rich fantasy world. As with the original, in this sequel, Dark Times, you are a mighty sorcerer looking to defend the realm … Read more

VR News

The virtual reality world this week

June has rolled around, and you may be forgiven for thinking that 2020 is already five years long. Thankfully for virtual reality geeks, the real world can become as strange as it likes, as we can always explore a wider … Read more