SteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice-GamestormVR

Released Aug 2017 3.4★ Story Mode ‘The Rogue Apprentice’ contains Eleven Missions which take you on a story based adventure staged in some of the most iconic locations around Victorian London, including, The Tower of London, Limehouse Warehouse, Trafalgar Square, … Read more

Starway Fleet-StormCube Games

Released Oct 2017 1.9★ PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GAME DOESN’T SUPPORT THE VIVE CONTROLLERS. Jump in the cockpit of a space fighter Starway Fleet is an action-focused space fighter simulator game. Take part in various missions including interception or reconnaissance, … Read more

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine-Lucasfilm

Released May 2017 3.8★ Commence your Jedi training in this Star Wars™ virtual reality demo experience. Repair the Millennium Falcon, defend it from attack by Imperial Stormtroopers, and wield a Lightsaber™. ABOUT THIS GAME: Take your first step into a … Read more