VR Cricket-Nayan Seth

Released Apr 2017 4.2★ A cricket game for VR with 2 bowling options i.e. Fast and Spin. Game also features the real pitch and 2x dimensions of the real pitch. Game features a stadium, sound effects and animations. Attribution: Icon … Read more

Void Rangers-Martin Senovsky

Released May 2017 2.4★ Quotes from reviews ■”If you wondered what Space Pirate Trainer was training you for, it’s Void Rangers.”, Cliff ■”Well that was unexpectedly fun.”, Shadow ■”If you are looking for a shooting game similar to Space Pirates, … Read more

ViSP – Virtual Space Port-Visper Games

Released Feb 2019 3.9★ ViSP – Virtual Space Port is a creative building game for VR. Construct your own space port out of blocks and defend it against relentless enemies to fortify your space colony! GAMEPLAY The core feature of … Read more

Speed and Scream-iNFINITE Production

Released May 2017 2.9★ Visit worlds of our imagination, on a ride. In this collection, you’ll find 4 rollecoaster rides == 2.0 UPDATE == Since the initial release we’ve listened to feedback and today release a 2.0 update, with Industrial … Read more