Pirate Shooter-Florian Bernard

Released Dec 2018 4.6★
You’ve escaped the battle of the Great Pirate War, but the enemies are still after you.
Get your cannon ready and defend your island!

Aim and Destroy
Use your cannonballs wisely and shoot accurately!

Unlock More Levels
Earn Keys to unlock new levels. Beware of new enemies!

Complete on Global Leaderboard
Stay alive as long as you can to be on top of the leaderboard!
Collect Treasures and Gold
Grab all the loots, one they you’ll be the richest pirate in the world!

Powerful Upgrades
All the gold you loot will Improve your offense and unlock mighty Powers!

User Reviews

Dec 06, 2018
Highly recommended

Dec 15, 2018
Can’t wait to see more

Nov 09, 2019
Overall, it’s good

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