Pitpat Plan-Chesstar Studios

Released Sep 2018 4.0★
The boring class makes me could not help to sneak off, but the teacher turns his head from time to time, so it is time to execute a perfect pit-pat plan. Watch out and keep your eyes open, take any chances to play with your mobile phone. Foxy teacher, annoying classmate, or even the ghost-like headmaster, none of them can stop me playing with my mobile phone!

1. Bring you back to the school days you play with your mobile phone sneakily.

2. Use your brain to avoid teacher or headmaster’s attention.

3. You will be distracted by many useless signals, sharp your eyes!

4. Facing the tense chalk-zone, reflex as fast as light to avoid the chalk.

Rich and interesting levels bring you back to the most unforgettable class step by step.

User Reviews

Dec 15, 2018
Highly recommended
Immersive and fun

Jul 04, 2019
Encountered technical problems

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