Pixel Arcade-CJG Studio Ltd

Released Aug 2017 3.5★
Prepare to be transported into a world of pixels in this modern virtual reality platformer set in neon cyber space. Navigate and climb your way through each unique level to beat your previous time and unlock the next chapter on your campaign.

With increasing difficulty as you progress through the locked levels, obstacles will require you to traverse, time and strategically avoid to progress. With lasers, limited time interactables, moving platforms, walls, cubes and more, Pixel Arcade is a challenge not to be underestimated. Can you beat your highscore and stand amongst the fastest in the world?

With 15 levels day one. with more added weekly!
Optimized Gameplay for fast load times, high frames and lag free experience*
Steam Trading Cards
Realtime Player Physics – As levels progress, players will have to swing and throw themselves to objects and onto platforms around the level to complete it
Save Game so you can start where you left off
HD Visuals and 3D Audio compliment, for fast or slow gameplay based on your playstyle

Coming Soon..
More levels, over 100 unique levels by final release! We will be implementing more levels montly! Online leaderboards, a new mode under development and any community voted features / mechanics.*hardware requirements dependant

User Reviews

Dec 01, 2018
Really great game! It’s simple climbing-style platforming, but the game feel is absolutely perfect. Movement is incredibly natural, and the levels present not only a great challenge but are designed in a way that they can be tackled different ways.
My biggest complaints are that it’s not very well optimized for Rift users, and the collision detection of your player and the platforms causes too many instances where you try to swing yourself and bang your virtual head into something, fall, and die. I also found it frustrating that many times when I thought I had grabbed something, I hadn’t and I fell. It’s also hard to remember only one hand at a time is grabbing unlike real life. Maybe a vibration feature to vibrate your hand when it grabs would help, just to reassure the player that they have a good grip!

May 26, 2019
Un juego muy primario, los brazos no me llegan lo suficientemente lejos, no imagino a un niño en este juego. No trasmite sensaciones. No tienes manos, solo ves los mandos, y los botones no están bien explicados. Prefiero el Climbey mil veces.

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