Play badminton Let’s go-HugeHard

Released May 2017 1.8★
Wearing your VR glass, take on your battledore. Let’s go! go to run, go to play badminton, go to Healthy!!!
There are four difficulties:
Primary – catching, passing training
Intermediate – level of amateur athletes with AI battle, sitting posture, stance
Advanced – level of professional players with AI level, room level, need to move
Master – and Olympic champions

User Reviews

Joe Lacrasse
Mar 08, 2018
Well done! Nice little game!

Dec 25, 2018
I don’t know if its just because I’m using the oculus touch controllers, but it seems like the velocity and direction of the racquet head is not registering correctly.
You literally have to hit the shuttlecock with all of your might to get it to go back over the net, and when you do, it invariably viers off to the right, and mostly out of bounds.
The velocity meter goes so rapidly from 0 to 25 and back to 0, that hitting the shuttle at around 20, which is what you need to get it over the net is very very difficult, and as I say, requires a very very hard hit, which just does not seem right.
However, if those issues were sorted out, it could be a really fun game. One of my favorite games in VR is Eleven (table tennis) so I hope this game carries on in development. Although I think I might need a much bigger warehouse scale vr setup in order to be able to move around the court!

Oct 15, 2018

on ce déplace comment la con de ta merde
car la jeu peut just tapé du cooup nikemouk c 2 la marde fdp

Jul 10, 2017

gratuit mais nul

May 17, 2017

impossible de télécharger et jouer a ce jeux, bien dommage car il à l’air intéressant.
pour l’instant 0/10

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