Get the Ultimate PlayStation VR Bundle and Experience Virtual Reality

Are you ready to make the jump into the world of bold new experiences, where the rules of what’s real and what’s not are constantly changing? Well, you can make the leap like never before with the PlayStation VR Bundle and its ability to create a virtual world that’s just steps away from reality itself.

This amazing bundle contains everything you need to enter the world of virtual reality, giving you a fully immersive experience that will make you forget where you are and transport you to an alternate realm where anything’s possible.

Just equip yourself with the PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation Move Controllers, and you’ll be able to hone your skills and compete in a wide range of enjoyable minigames and experiences.

It’s even possible to send yourself back in time with the Playstation VR Worlds bundle, or explore space and uncover intergalactic hidden treasures with Farpoint.

No matter how imaginative or daring your ambitions are, the PlayStation VR Bundle has the necessary tools for you to access the extraordinary. So strap on your headset, and prepare to venture beyond the limits of reality; you’ll never want to go back to the real world.

Quick Overview of Key Points

You can purchase PlayStation VR Bundles from many online retail stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Additionally, you may be able to find discounted bundles or pre-owned bundles at local gaming or used electronics stores.

What is Included in a PlayStation VR Bundle?

When looking for a way to enjoy virtual reality, the PlayStation VR bundle offers gamers just what they need. What is included in a PlayStation VR bundle? Depending on the specific version purchased, different elements are included.

The essential components of all PlayStation VR bundles include the PlayStation VR headset, an audio and visual processor unit (which connects directly to the TV) and a camera that tracks head movements and helps with gameplay. Other items may be included in certain bundles, such as a game or two, a Play Station Move motion controller, and/or additional cables.

The inclusion of extra accessories has been praised by some gamers because they don’t have to worry about collecting them individually and can start gaming right away. However, others think that the extras are unnecessary since most gamers will already have the necessary controllers or supplies at home if they are experienced players.

At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to which PlayStation VR bundle to buy. Ultimately it depends on how familiar you are with the system and what type of experience you want from it. With this knowledge at hand, let us turn now to examine more closely the specifics of The PlayStation VR Headset.

Top Highlights

The essential components of all PlayStation VR bundles include the headset, an audio and visual processor unit, and a camera. Certain bundles may include extras such as motion controllers, games, and cables.

Experienced gamers may already have all the necessary supplies, but for those unfamiliar, the extra accessories can help them start gaming right away. Ultimately it depends on the type of experience desired when choosing which bundle to buy.

The specifics of the PlayStation VR headset will be further discussed next.

The PlayStation VR Headset

The PlayStation VR Headset is the primary component of the PlayStation VR Bundle and is the key to experiencing virtual reality. With a low latency 5.7” OLED 1080p display, the headset is able to give users the most immersive and realistic gaming experience possible and brings with it 360 degree sight, high quality visuals, and smooth gameplay that truly makes virtual reality seem like reality.

Additionally, it’s ergonomic design and adjustable headband allows for comfortable use regardless of head size and shape as well as long-term wear without discomfort. While these features alone make the headset desirable for gaming enthusiasts, some find it too bulky or difficult to properly adjust for optimal viewing angles.

Overall, the PlayStation VR Headset offers immersive visuals, comfort, and a realistic feel that makes virtual reality become a reality. Its stylish look combined with its impressive specs make it one of the go-to headsets on the market.

Now that we’ve explored the ins and outs of this amazing piece of technology, let’s take a look at what accessories come with a PlayStation VR bundle package in our next section.

  • According to Statista, there were nearly 7 million Playstation VR headsets in use worldwide by the end of 2020.
  • Playstation VR games have been downloaded over 400 million times as of 2020.
  • A survey published in 2019 found that 40% of Playstation owners had purchased a Playstation VR headset.

PlayStation VR Accessories

The PlayStation VR Bundle is likely the most impressive of its kind, and it would be incomplete without a few highly recommended accessories. One of the most necessary is a pair of PlayStation®VR move controllers.

These devices provide joystick-like controls and allow you to interact more accurately within compatible games. Additionally, some games require one or two controllers in order to play, making this accessory essential for anyone truly looking to immerse themselves in virtual reality on the PlayStation 4 console.

If you really want to enhance your playtime with realistic visuals then you may consider investing in a pair of Playstation®VR headphones or earbuds — both available in the bundle package for convenience. If sound quality isn’t an issue then you may opt not to purchase them, however the difference in audio reproduction quality between the standard controller headphones and a dedicated pair can often be noticeable.

These extra accessories are certainly optional components for anyone interested in acquiring a PlayStation VR Bundle, but it’s worth noting that they can be vital pieces of equipment when attempting to experience virtual reality at its highest potential. Without either set of peripherals, missing out on certain functions within supported games would be inevitable; so while they may not seem like necessities before purchase, they may end up being invaluable during gameplay.

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of PlayStation VR accessories, let’s move on to discussing how to properly set up the PlayStation VR Bundle and begin experiencing virtual reality!

Setting Up the PlayStation VR Bundle

The setup of the PlayStation VR Bundle may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of patience and by following Sony’s instructions carefully, it is easy to accomplish. It is important to remember that before beginning, you will require access to a PlayStation 4 system as well as an HDMI cable for the console and TV. Additionally, all of the parts listed in the package should be present; including the Headset, Processor Unit, earbuds, HDMI Cable and USB Cable.

Once the necessary cables are connected between the PlayStation 4 system and television, and there is power supply, it is time to begin setting up the PlayStation VR headset. Earbuds should first be inserted into their designated shape on the underside of the headset.

Next, all cords should be connected to the processor unit. The HDMI cable should be connected to both your television and processor unit, while each USB port is meant for use on either side of PlayStation 4 system.

Finally, after all cords have been adequately connected to their designated sources, plug in the AC adapter for power supply. Depending on whether or not your system is already powered up; if so it can remain running as normal as there is no need to reset any settings before putting on the headset.

Once all of these steps have been followed correctly and double-checked, you can enjoy a safe and minimally invasive entry into virtual reality via the PlayStation VR Bundle. Leading up to room setup, taking care to take note of any warnings given by Sony during this preliminary setup stage can save time when finally getting started with the gaming experience within new virtual realms.

Next Section: Room Setup – Configuring your own physical space is key when it comes to being able to dwell safely within new virtual realism realms offered through the PlayStation VR bundle.

Room Setup

When it comes to room setup with the PlayStation VR, there are two main components to consider. The first is ensuring that there is enough space to comfortably move around while wearing the headset and experiencing virtual reality. The second component is tracking camera setup and calibration, which makes it possible for the PlayStation VR to accurately follow the movements of the user.

When it comes to space, it’s important to make sure that your seated or standing area where you’ll be playing has at least 6.5 feet (2 meters) of clear space in any direction from the PlayStation Camera so that your movement won’t be limited.

You’ll also want to make sure you have good lighting in order for the camera to accurately track your movements, as well as having enough power outlets near the locations where you will be using the PlayStation VR.

If possible, try to minimize obstructions like furniture and wall hangings that may interfere with the camera’s view of you.

Tracking camera calibration involves setting up a series of circular markers around your play area according to the specific instructions provided by Sony. These markers ensure accurate tracking of your movement while in virtual reality, allowing you to move more freely without worry of losing track of where you are onscreen.

Once you’ve gone through these setup steps and set up both your physical area and tracked markers correctly, you’re now ready to experience virtual reality on your PlayStation VR!

Before jumping into what games can be played, we suggest taking some time for trial and error with basic tutorials or experiences designed for familiarizing yourself with VR gameplay mechanics. This will help make sure you’re comfortable before trying out more advanced experiences and games available on the platform.

To experience an even more immersive gaming experience with PlayStation VR, next let’s talk about what games can be played on this revolutionary device?

What Games Can You Play on the PlayStation VR?

One of the most exciting aspects of experiencing virtual reality gaming is finding out what games can be played on the PlayStation VR. PlayStations whopping library of games offers a wealth of virtual reality experiences that are sure to please gamers of all kinds. From incredible horror games to story-driven masterpieces, there is something for everyone.

For those who enjoy horror, you can throw yourself into an immersive zombie apocalypse with Resident Evil 7 and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Or, if you’re looking for a real thrill, try diving deep into the underwater terror sea of Deep Horror. Plus, Sony has recently released Tetris Effect and Moss as two highly rated titles exclusive to the PlayStation VR platform.

Social and party gaming experiences offer plenty of opportunities for laughs. Players can go head-to-head in Fun House or embark on a wild co-op adventure in Knockout League, making for plenty of good times for all. Or if you’re looking for something more traditional, there are classics like Superhot VR and Thumper to keep you entertained.

On the other hand, some people complain about smaller selection on PSVR compared to other VR platforms since its relatively new technology including limited resolution capabilities and lack of space scale movement compared to alternatives.

Also even though Sony invested heavily on content production, there are still not many AAA titles released yet which is expected to grow over time but some may find it difficult to wait especially when competing platforms has more popular games available right now.

Now that we understand the variety of games available on the PlayStation VR platform, let’s explore what kind of gaming experience it offers in the next section.

What Kind of Gaming Experience does the PlayStation VR Offer?

The PlayStation VR offers a truly immersive gaming experience that is unlike anything else on the market.

Whether you’re playing a single-player game or an online multiplayer, the surround sound audio, full HD video and 3D visuals combined with the head-tracking technology make it seem like you’re actually in the game. The intuitive motion controllers allow for better control and makes exploration more natural.

On one hand, some argue that the cost of investing in a PlayStation VR headset may outweigh the benefits given it’s largely a single-player experience. On the other hand, many PlayStation VR owners find that it opens up endless opportunities to explore new realities and take their gaming to the next level.

There are plenty of games, programs and experiences available specifically designed for virtual reality. You can even download apps such as Virtual Desktop which allows you to use your PC on a giant screen in a virtual environment.

No matter what kind of gamer you are, there’s no denying that PlayStation VR provides an unparalleled gaming experience. Now let’s explore whether or not there are any deals when purchasing the Ultimate PlayStation VR Bundle.

Does the PlayStation VR Bundle Come with Deals?

The answer to this question depends on where and how you purchase your bundle. The vast majority of online stores that sell the package offer some kind of deal when it comes to purchasing the entire bundle.

This can range from a significant savings, free shipping or even a bonus item. It’s important to do the research and look into any potential deals you may be eligible for before buying.

That being said, not every outlet offering the bundle offers deals that are worth looking into. Certain independent retailers may provide limited discounts as compared to big box stores and other popular websites. Additionally, there are always seasonal sales where major retailers will offer additional discounts on bundles during special promotional periods.

It is worth checking out different outlets when considering the PlayStation VR bundle in order to get the best possible deal. Fortunately, most sources have a fairly organized setup in terms of specials and discounts; depending on where you look, chances are you’ll be able to find a nice price drop if you’re willing to search around a bit.

Now that we’ve considered whether or not the PlayStation VR bundle comes with deals, let’s take a look at pros and cons of purchasing this particular set of equipment for an upgraded gaming experience.

Pros and Cons of the PlayStation VR Bundle

The PlayStation VR bundle is an attractive package for anyone interested in virtual reality, as it contains all the equipment and software necessary to experience this new way of playing video games. On one hand, there are some distinct advantages that the bundle provides that make it worth the investment.

For example, it offers a great value for the money, since you get four pieces of hardware—the PlayStation VR headset, three PS Move Motion Controllers and a PlayStaton Camera—along with five great games for just $399.99 USD.

It also provides an immersive virtual reality experience that’s not available anywhere else, courtesy of its combination of hardware and software.

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider with the PlayStation VR bundle. For instance, users must purchase a PlayStation 4 console in order to use the VR headset and motion controllers, meaning they will have to pony up an additional $299 USD if they don’t already own one.

In addition, many were disappointed by some aspects of the system when it launched in October 2016, such as its lack of support for higher resolutions and limited tracking capabilities of the PS Move motion controllers (which are now addressed thanks to a firmware update).

Considering both aspects—value against potential limitations—it’s important to take your time and decide whether or not investing in the PlayStation VR bundle is right for you. The next section will explore my opinions on this particular bundle and why I think it’s worth your time and money.

Conclusion & My Opinions: Now that we have weighed both sides of the argument about the pros and cons of the PlayStation VR Bundle, let’s move on to my opinions about this package in the next section.

Conclusion & My Opinions

The PlayStation VR Bundle is a great way to explore the world of virtual reality. It is an innovative and revolutionary product that will revolutionize gaming and provide a unique gaming experience unlike anything else available.

The headset gives users a fully immersive, high-definition experience and features a 5-inch OLED display, allowing gamers to enjoy razor sharp graphics while enjoying all the interactive and exciting options that are available to them.

The value offered by the bundle is remarkable as you will have access to games such as Gran Turismo Sport, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Moss, and Farpoint. These games offer a great selection for gamers so that they can enjoy something new and different each time they play. Plus, with additional PSVR peripherals such as Aim Controller and PlayStation Camera, the possibilities are truly endless.

When compared to similar virtual reality systems from other console developers, PlayStation VR offers superior value for money making it one of the best investments for gamers on the market. The headset has been designed for ultimate comfort with adjustable straps for different head sizes and easy access buttons for optimal user experience. On top of that it uses side-by-side video capture which allows you to watch your gameplay from two perspectives simultaneously.

In my opinion, the PlayStation VR Bundle offers an incredible value that makes it hard to find better deals on other systems. It offers complete immersion in virtual reality and with its sleek design and comfortable fit, it makes playing enjoyable and entertaining. With access to dozens of incredible games already available along with the potential for even more great titles in the future, I definitely think this bundle is worth getting if you’re looking for a convenient way to get into virtual reality gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much does a PlayStation VR bundle typically cost?

A PlayStation VR bundle typically costs anywhere from $300 to $400 USD, depending on the model and accessories included. Many retailers offer significant discounts when purchasing the entire bundle as opposed to separate components. Keep in mind that some VR games may also need to be purchased separately, adding to the overall cost of enjoying virtual reality.

Additionally, it is important to confirm that all necessary accessories and hardware are either included or compatible with your specific system before making a purchase.

Are there any deals on PlayStation VR bundles?

Yes, there are deals available on PlayStation VR bundles. Right now, some popular retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop and Target are offering great discounts and bundle packages for the PlayStation VR. For example, Best Buy is currently offering bundles that include the PSVR headset, camera and two Move controllers for $349.99 ($50 savings).

Additionally, you can get a discount of up to 38% off select games when purchased with a PlayStation VR headset. That’s an incredible deal that can’t be beat!

What games are included in PlayStation VR bundles?

The games included in PlayStation VR bundles vary depending on where you purchase the bundle, but most commonly a bundle will include one or more full game downloads as well as demo content. Popular options are games like: Batman: Arkham VR, Farpoint, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Job Simulator and Superhot VR.

These titles provide an amazing virtual reality experience and offer something for everyone.

Also included with most bundles is the PlayStation VR Worlds game that offers five different VR experiences including The London Heist, Danger Ball and Ocean Descent.

What is included in a PlayStation VR bundle?

A PlayStation VR bundle typically includes the PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation Camera and two Move controllers. The headset uses special stereoscopic 3D technology to create an immersive experience and provide a realistic sense of depth while playing games.

The camera works with the headset to track your movements and capture images. The two Move controllers allow you to interact with your virtual environment and can be used as motion controls in certain games. Some bundles may also include a PlayStation 4 game or additional accessories such as steering wheel control, depending on the bundle being purchased.

Are there additional accessories available with PlayStation VR bundles?

Yes, when you purchase a PlayStation VR bundle, there are typically additional accessories available. These could include playstation controllers, stereo headphones, and even games specifically designed for virtual reality. For instance, the PlayStation VR Demolition Derby Bundle includes a pair of PlayStation Move Motion Controllers, a PlayStation Camera, and a copy of Everybody’s Golf VR.

The bundle also includes an additional game in the form of the game ‘Demolition DerbyVR’. Additionally, most PlayStation VR bundles come with access to the VR Worlds game collection which includes five different experiences to explore in virtual reality. All in all these additional accessories provide an immersive experience that really brings games to life and immerses players into them.

PlayStation VR offers an affordable way to experience virtual reality.

The PlayStation VR bundle is a headset that connects directly to a PS4 console and lets you immerse yourself in video games with its high-quality display and range of features like eye tracking and advanced vibrating controllers. Its 5.7″ OLED display boasting 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate provides immersive graphics with incredible smoothness.

PlayStation VR is compatible with all PS4 titles, including those from the back catalog that may have been played on a previous system. Furthermore, you don’t need to own a PlayStation Camera to enjoy the full VR experience.

On PS4 and PS3, you can find some of Sony’s latest PlayStation VR titles by searching the PS Store for “PSVR” or “PlayStation VR.” Popular titles include time-slowing shooter Superhot VR, adorable platformer Astrobot Rescue Mission, and rhythm action game Thumper VR.

Sony has been steadily disclosing more and more details about the PS VR 2 over time, suggesting it may be closer to launch than anticipated. Recently, they published a product page and updated their patent filings for the headset, revealing its Fresnel lenses and “God ray” filtration mechanism.

If you’re considering the PlayStation VR 2, Sony has plenty of exciting games launching or coming out this year – including some exclusive titles as well. Some are already available to download now, while others will launch within the next month.

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