Pokemon VR Games

If you’re a Pokemon vr game fan looking to experience the world of Pokemon in Virtual Reality, there are some great options. However, many of these games are still in alpha or beta and not yet out.

One of the most notable VR Pokemon games is PokeQuest VR, which has been around for a while but is currently still in early access. It’s a fan-made game and it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to see what Pokemon in VR looks like.

PokeQuest VR

PokeQuest VR is a fan-made game that brings the nostalgia of Pokemon to Virtual Reality. It is a multiplayer game that allows players to catch, train, battle, and trade Pokemon.

The game is very nostalgic, with a blocky, voxel-style design. It features cube-shaped Pokemon that are based on the original Pokemon Red and Blue games.

Walking around the world of PokeQuest VR is awesome, especially since you get to see the classic Pallet Town from the original games. Even though it is blocky and lacks a lot of detail, seeing the old Pokemon buidlings and people laid out in 3D in VR makes it feel so much more real than it did on a traditional 2D screen.

Unfortunately, while the game is great for exploring Pokemon in VR, the actual battles aren’t that exciting. The fights are done as 2D sprites, and while that is a great look for a Pokemon vr game, it isn’t ideal in a VR environment.


Revomon is a new online metaverse that brings the world of Pokemon into a virtual reality experience. Its main focus is on bringing an exciting, immersive game to the VR space.

Its features include a play-to-earn component and NFT assets that allow players to monetize their time in the metaverse and enjoy true ownership of their collected Revomon. It is also designed to provide a cross-platform experience with mobile and PC versions.

The project is built on a combination of the Unity engine, the C# scripting API and a built-in Visual Studio integration. It is also a component-based approach that helps the team develop with flexibility while delivering impressive graphics and an intuitive user interface.

The project was launched on BSCPad, a launchpad for Binance Smart Chain projects. Its backers include SideQuest, a VR platform that integrates with Oculus; LVT Capital, a venture capital fund focusing on VR projects; and Te-Food, an end-to-end food traceability solution on the blockchain.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon vr game Quest is a free-to-play, voxel-based action-RPG that takes place on Tumblecube Island. The game focuses on teaming up with Pokemon and going on expeditions.

You’ll recruit a starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, or Eevee to your base, and level them up with experience (Exp) earned by completing stages and gaining Power Stones. Power stones are gathered on expeditions, and they can boost your Pokemon’s stats far beyond what they start with.

Each stage will reward your Pokemon with a “bonus type,” and you’ll want to prioritize the ones with the strongest match-ups. This is where a strategy that’s more familiar to the mainline games comes into play.

You can build your Pokemon’s teams with a mix of offensive and defensive moves. You’ll also be able to equip Power Stones, which can improve their attack and HP stats, and give them other benefits.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game that encourages players to travel around the real world to catch, train and battle Pokemon vr game. The game uses GPS-location based settings and overlays animated Pokemon characters on top of real world locations such as parks, roads and streets.

It has captivated millions of users all over the world, and it isn’t hard to see why. What’s most impressive about it is that a new app – which only launched a few weeks ago – has managed to achieve such an incredible success.

What makes this so great is that it combines the concept of exploring and finding new things with the brand ‘Pokemon’ and its well-established creatures, creating a synergy that feels right from the start.

It’s also a great way to interact with friends, as you can send Gifts to them when they spin Photo Discs at PokeStops and Gyms. Those gifts contain items, such as Poke Balls and Candy, which can be used to capture wild Pokemon or power-up your own collection of Pokémon.