Power LinkVR-Himigames

Released Sep 2016
Swept the world’s classic variety TV game is now landing HTC VIVE, hold your breath and experience this intensive game in Virtual Reality World!!!
Burning factory strengthen your tension, fearlessly you picked up the electronic component with a pair of pliers,falling to a safe area. Keep your hands stable, don’t be nervous, you can make it!

Pliers (handle) into the intermediate circuit, clamped the electronic component dropped stuck in the track,moving along, be careful not to touch anything, otherwise it will explode…

Full version released, improved the user’s experience.
Update for full version:
1. 15 more levels added, 27 levels in total
2. Flame effect added
3. Optimized sound effect
4. Fix BUGs
5. Instruction section added
6. Added simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese

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