PractisimVR-AncientSky Games

Released Apr 2018 3.3★
For the price of a match fee, you can now experience an accurate simulation of the competitive practical shooting sport. This VR experience allows you to participate in IPSC, USPSA, Pro-am and Steel Challenge matches within the comfort of your own home. It features accurate gun handling, common stage props such as swingers, movers, texas stars, polish plate rack, irish plate rack, movers and innovative stage designs.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Feb 21, 2019
real like shooting ranged at your finger tip. fun to play with.

May 07, 2019
Great VR experience, well-built, good platform and capabilities, good UI and UX. Love the selection of guns and is a great VR subsitute for the real thing.

Jul 07, 2018
This game has a lot of potentials. A few minor bugs but it is really good! Something that really needs to get fixed is the magazine reloading mechanics.. whenever I reload, the left controller would swing (coz I have to let go of the controller, to hold the gun with 2 hands, then my left-hand needs to look for the left controller again to get a magazine.) I really don’t have a suggested fix to this issue but hopefully you get a shooter that can advice you on how to fix it!

Otherwise, 5 stars.. 4 for now..

Jul 30, 2019
Great IPSC simulator. Lots of ranges and the functionality to build your own ranges or download ones other people have made.

Jun 16, 2018
Crashes half of the times you try to run it. Looks like some of the gun sounds have been sourced from a youtube video. One of the guns has the noise of something dropping after shooting it.

Can’t move unless walking so if you have a small room you won’t be able to even navigate menus. Aiming is weird.

Nov 19, 2018

Poor game. Lots of bugs. Don’ts spend your money in that poor experience.

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