Prime Mover-exvrs fitness

Released Sep 2016 2.3★
Warning: This title contains twists and turns that may induce nausea in even the most experienced VR users.

Your daily workout just got fun! Use real-world muscle power to propel your vehicle along a winding path through a strange virtual landscape. This 5-minute adventure will have you jumping rail to rail, avoiding obstacles and collapsing track segments. So forget counting reps and hop aboard Prime Mover — your ticket to VR fitness has arrived!

User Reviews

Jan 06, 2017
Le jeu semple bien très bien même,malheureusement il ne demarre pas,erreur au démarrage.

Jan 04, 2017
Game is really simple and graphics is really basic. Getting bored after 30 seconds

Apr 16, 2017

Had potential to be a novel idea, but with no instruction as to what to do, no music to “work out” to, a jerky camera that could be smoothed out while taking turns, as well as bad lighting (very dark, and glowing bits makes seeing the track difficult), it needs some serious adjustment

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