PROZE: Enlightenment-SignSine

Released Apr 2019 4.4★
PROZE is a VR survival adventure. Set in both past and present, it’s a story of friendship and duty, fear and dignity of the people facing the Soviet government and its echoes. Explore a Cold-War era military research facility, deal with the anomalies, solve the puzzles, and find out the answers.

In PROZE you follow two connected stories. The first one happens in the 1970’s, where a Soviet engineer, who works at a secret research base is discovering its true purpose. The second part takes you to a modern day and is about a group of friends who as well are trying to find out the truth about the facility. Both parties will have to face a massive conspiracy that runs for decades and has left terrible consequences.

The game combines a few genres – it’s an exploration adventure with puzzle and horror elements. All of this made specifically for an immersive VR experience with unique interaction mechanics.

Key Features
– Two connected stories set in both past and present. Discover the secrets of the Soviet military research project and uncover the conspiracy. The plot is partly based on the actual events.

– Mysterious Cold-War era facilities. Explore the secret area and the nearby forest, filled with anomalies.

– Made specifically for VR. PROZE offers a virtual reality experience with an immersive atmosphere, detailed spatial audio and realistic interaction mechanics.

– Complex puzzle design. The game’s puzzles will test your logic, agility and navigation skills.

User Reviews

May 12, 2019
High production value, great graphics, great environments. About 4 hours long.

Jun 01, 2019
Very good immersive puzzle adventure game clearly made with love.

BUT, there’s a gamebreaking bug right at the beginning.

If you know your way through VR and grab your backpack to take the flashlight BEFORE the
useless noob tutorial ask you to do so, you’re screwed… Stuck on “grab the flashlight” action

You can’t throw it and you can’t re-pick it (period). You have to restart the WHOLE prologue.
Wich isn’t too long once you know the steps but still… it’s very annoying.

May 01, 2019
Proze is an excellent puzzle exploration game. Check out my review here

Apr 28, 2019
Don’t normally give a review until i finish a game but this is just great! When the story started i was hooked.The puzzles/story/horror elements for a 4 man team exceptional job!

May 26, 2019
This is a really immersive experience.

I love the reactor level (except the partical accelerator bit, which was really frustrating).

More More More.

Jun 22, 2019
Very good game. Realistic and excellent sceneries and graphics, good puzzles to solve.

Jun 04, 2019
Good sci fi story and science based puzzles after you get past some awkwardness in the beginning. If you have trouble check online how to get past the prologue. You definitely want get to where you go outside into the snow (the real story begins soon after). You will begin getting hooked into the story.

The game will give you hints at what to do here/there, so do read the notes left around the game for you.

It’s a bit rough around the edges performance wise (black outs on loading) and chances here/there of motion sickness (needs mask shadow for movement on Vive to reduce this), but can’t wait for the next episode.

May 05, 2019
A good puzzle game but with a little of motion sickness.

Jan 07, 2020
Good interactivity with the environment, switch pulling and button pressing feels quite natural, nice looking environments, nice puzzles and just generally a lot of things to like in this adventure game. However the whole thing feels like an overlong demo. The story just jumps around between places/times without ever really coming together and by the time you think it’s finally going somewhere the credits start rolling. It just feels very incomplete and unsatisfying in the end and lacks character and purpose, it’s feels too much like a random mismatch of generic sci-fi tropes. That said, I can’t be to harsh on the game, as most other story driven VR games suffer from similar issues.

Dec 02, 2019
I am mad at this game because I really liked it and got invested in the story of the game but then I got stuck at this liquid sodium pump speed challenge and I just cant get pass It

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