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The 25 PSVR Games That You Absolutely Won’t Want to Miss Out On

The PSVR headset from Sony has brought a completely new dimension to the world of VR. Good as it is, it doesn’t measure up technically to the outstanding Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, but that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed out of hand. Playstation has pulled together every inch of their experience in the industry to create a pretty phenomenal line-up. Based on the PS4, the PSVR offers what are arguably some of the best games in VR as well as providing a system which is accessible to everyone.

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One look at the available PSVR games will leave your head in a spin as the choice is overwhelming. But where to start? Well, with this list, of course! We’ve pulled together what we think are the 25 best PSVR games that include some choices which would make everyone’s hot list – along with some hidden gems that aren’t as well known.

Without any further preamble, let’s get onto the games – here are the ones which we think are the best 25 PSVR titles available right now, counting down to what we believe is the best of them all.


One of the new types of games which are being dubbed rhythm violence, you probably won’t have seen anything like this before. Moving along a course, your anxiety levels will rocket as the tension is ratcheted up by the intense soundtrack and pulsating drums which urge you forward.

Trying to speed along the track while avoiding corners, and anything else that might be out there, there’s an almost hypnotic sense of dread that’s primeval. Music is an enormous part of this game, but it’s not just about the beats and sounds. The visuals are futuristic and surreal, taking you on a journey that is feverishly fast and culminates in a terrifying confrontation.

The game was nominated and won more than 25 awards, which says everything you need to know about its quality. Simultaneously sinister and beautiful, Thumper is an explosion of light and color that will resonate in the innermost corners of your soul.

Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is arguably THE racer that’s available on VR, giving players the full driving experience that’s utterly immersive. Codemasters had the tough job of porting their title to the PSVR, a task that many thought would be impossible. And they’ve managed it admirably, without compromising any of the content or paring it back like certain other top racing titles we could mention (*whispers* Gran Turismo Sport).

Codemasters are known for their forensic attention to detail and the almost mechanical precision which their games offer. Take this approach into VR, and what you’re left with is a racer that’s completely absorbing. Race along precipices and try not to plow into the bystanders on the roadside or take your chances with a night rally, a true test of mettle and skill.

The co-op mode adds more fun, allowing your co-driver to make critical decisions as you grapple with the steering. It’s true that there are games which are bigger and possibly more authentic, but there are few, if any, which offer so much fun.


It’s only fair to mention from the start that Deracine won’t be to everyone’s taste. However, if you enjoy this kind of understated yet disturbing play, you’re in for a real treat. A story-based game, you’ll take on the role of a faerie who hangs out with a group of children in a boarding school. If you imagine Jane Austen with a fantasy twist, you’ll get the idea.

Deracine is essentially a point and click adventure, imbued with the extra dimension that VR offers. There’s in-depth interactions with the characters in the game which delves deep into the human psyche and the very essence of being.

Gentle but probing and with a wide range of tasks and places to explore, Deracine takes VR gameplay at a different pace and will really suit players who don’t want to be constantly shot down or terrified out of their skin.

Creed:Rise to Glory

A hybrid of the first two Rocky films, this VR title offers a new slant on the classic boxing title. You’ll adopt the persona of Creed himself, but even if you’re not a Rocky fan, you’ll still find plenty to love about this game.

Developer Survios uses a system known as Phantom Melee which accurately simulates fatigue as you fight, so you can’t just punch mindlessly, you’ll need to have a strategy.

Across the whole of the game, you’ll have a total of 7 fights alongside a host of mini games to complete, taking around two hours in total. The multiplayer is one of the most challenging and intelligent parts of the game, as you’ll all need to think carefully if you want to best your opponent.

With familiar music from the Rocky franchise and the option to box at different skill levels, it’s an engaging sports simulator that’s thoroughly fun.


Statik is a puzzle game which will engage your mind and leave you searching for ways to solve some of the most challenging problems, using your own initiative as the guide. At the start, you’ll be immersed in the game right away as you find yourself in the unpleasant Dr. Ingen’s lab, only to discover he’s locked your hands into a seemingly inescapable device. To break out, you’ll need to solve the clues which are scattered all around you before going on to emerge as the victor after taking on the rest of the puzzle on your route out of there.

VR is used magnificently in this title as every room you enter feels as if you’ve entered somewhere new, with surroundings that are realistic and stimulating. The puzzles themselves aren’t so difficult to be annoying, but nevertheless, you’ll be scratching your head for some time before you find the answers. As the game progresses, you’ll start to realize that there are often clues hidden in your surroundings, but finding these and matching them to the right puzzle can be an extra challenge in itself.

With depth and detail, Statik is a VR game that’s thought-provoking but completely absorbing – the only downside that with approximately two hours of play, you’ll be wishing for more puzzles to solve.


Spookily reminiscent of Portal, Transpose is a game that seriously messes with the time-space continuum. You are tasked with repairing a world which has been broken, but to do so, you’ll need to solve puzzles. Sounds easy enough? Don’t be fooled.

The main problem is that these puzzles can only be solved by more than one person working together, but this isn’t intended to be a multiplayer game. Instead, you’ll be working with past echoes of yourself. We’ll just let you read that through again…

The way it works is that you carry out an action, and then you’ll have the opportunity of recording what you did. If you choose to do this, your consciousness will be respawned in a clone of yourself where you can work together with your previous self to get the job done.

Trippy but clever, this ethereal title was designed specifically for the PSVR, and it shows in the quality of the gameplay.

Bow to Blood

Another title that people will either love or hate, Bow to Blood, offers a different interpretation of combat. You’ll have a tournament to win, and you’ll have to do this by completing a raft of tasks alongside your fellow participants.

However, this is no standard combat game as after each task, and you’ll face being voted off by the others. To remain in the game, you’ll, therefore, need to forge relationships with the other contenders and show an understanding of the human psyche. There are hours of gameplay, and you’ll find yourself in battles with people who clearly despise you and want to see you gone.

If you’ve ever wondered what Love Island would be like if everyone were tooled up with a weapon, this is your chance to find out with the game-show-meets-combat format.

Downward Spiral: Horus Station

This is the debut offering from Third Eye Studios, and they’ve drawn upon a wealth of talent from both the movie and gaming industry to pull this together. Climb aboard the Horus Station and piece clues together to find out what happened to the crew and reconnect the ship to a source of power.

Orbiting round an unknown planet and the space station appears to be abandoned, there’s an eerie atmosphere. The most fascinating part of this title is the developer’s ability to create what feels like a realistic and immersive zero-gravity setting. With support for both co-op and multiplayer modes, there is a game that you’ll want to take your time to explore.


A first-person shooter game, in Farpoint you’ll find yourself on an alien planet after crash landing, and your mission is to find your way home. Unfortunately, the natives aren’t particularly friendly, and you’ll have to shoot your way through them to escape. Did we mention that the aliens are spiders? Yep. Spider aliens, you read that right…

There is also a compelling story in the midst of the action, and it’s an excellent opener for Impulse Gear, newbie developer, who promises to deliver more titles next year.

Rec Room

Social VR hangouts aren’t technically games, but this one just squeaks into the list by virtue of the many fun activities it promotes. Rec Room isn’t really a place just to hang out and chat but more of a platform where you can explore a ton of multiplayer games as well as make the most of the creation suite available.

Like other social VR hangouts, you can adorn yourself with the many premium items available, but there’s more than enough mini games to keep your interest if you just want to play. All of the games are completely free to join in, and there’s lite versions of the battle Royale genre as well as co-op quests. This is expected to be one to watch with more content anticipated over the coming months, and possibly years.

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite is one of the games that the PSVR was made for, set in a hypnotic cyberspace, and has been remade for the PSVR. Originally available on the PS2 and Dreamcast, it’s undergone more than a few tweaks, and it shows. With sharper lines and brighter colors, Rez works perfectly with VR.

If you’ve never played it before, the idea is to guide your miniature figure through the whirling masses of the futuristic setting, diving ever deeper and avoiding the perils within. You’ll find whirling viruses which are out to get you and will chuck everything in their path in your direction. You’ll need to be able to aim and shoot to get past your opponents as well as move quickly to avoid being hit yourself. But forget about standard shooter audio, the ethereal theme extends to audio too with your enemies emitting musical tones at strategic moments. Use the melodies, sounds, and beats within the game for your purpose as you strive the awaken the being that lies slumbering at heart.

The sense of space provided by VR enhances the fantasy feel, and your field of vision seems limitless. Look around you and you’ll get the sense of gliding through time and space in gameplay, which is simply divine.

The Exorcist – Legion VR

If you’ve seen the original Exorcist movie, you’ll know that it’s far more than a collection of unpredictable jump scares; one of the reasons it reached its iconic horror status was the ability to leave you feeling creeped out long after you left the movie theater. The game very much follows the same ethos which is why it’s the standout title in the horror genre, beating all others hands down.

There are five separate chapters to play, each with their own case, and by the end, your nerves will be utterly shredded. Prepare to sleep with the light on for months to come as the collection of terrifying moments and deeper, more sinister undertones, penetrates into the darkest corners of your mind.

Just to be crystal-clear, this is a game that only those who embrace the horror genre will appreciate because, for many, it’s just too darn terrifying. However, if you have nerves of steel, this is a game which will be hard to beat anywhere.

Tetris Effect

Almost everyone has heard of Tetris, the ever-popular game where you need to slot bricks together and prevent the screen from filling up. It’s now possible to experience the same addictive gameplay within a VR setting, which doesn’t change any of the classic qualities that everyone loves.

You’ll still be filling up screens and frantically working on your brick strategy, but you’ll be traveling through some stunning landscapes and accompanied by gorgeous music. It’s not the most complex VR game that you’ll ever find, but if you enjoy the original Tetris, the VR version just adds extra dimensions.

A Fisherman’s Tale

Despite only having a short run time, A Fisherman’s Tale is a PSVR title which simply had to make a list. A quirky puzzler, it has a charming setting with a fisherman puppet who lives inside a quaint lighthouse. But what’s this? In the center of the room, there’s a model of the lighthouse, and if you look more closely, there’s a replica of you inside, with the figurine copying your movements. It works in reverse too, and if you look outside the window, you’ll see that you’re actually surrounded by a giant version of the same. Exploring this in VR is mind-blowing indeed.

This replicated setting in different sizes provides the opportunity to face some of the strangest yet absorbing puzzles. If you can set aside the feeling that you’re part of a set of babushka dolls, you’ll find this game offers stunning visuals and gameplay, which is a credit to VR.

The Persistence

A top treat for horror fans, in The Persistence, you’ll need to make your way through a bleak spaceship filled with terrifying enemies that are out to get you. If you’ve played Dead Space, then imagine it in VR, and you’ll get the idea of what this is all about.

Billed as stealth horror, there are plenty of jump scares in this game, but there’s also lots of opportunities to engage in character development too. You’ll need around 10 hours to complete the game, but there are still many elements that you’ll want to go back and explore further.
The visuals are decent without being exceptional, but what makes you feel as if you’re living the character rather than merely playing it is the standout audio. Prepare to board the starship and battle the enemy – if you dare.

Blood and Truth

Did you ever play the minigame, The London Heist, within the Playstation VR Worlds? If so, Blood and Truth will look remarkably familiar and with good reason. As one of the most engaging and sophisticated story-driven experiences, in their wisdom, Sony has expanded it to a full-sized game. Enter Blood and Truth, the PSVR title which has the same polish as its smaller sibling but just with far more gameplay to enjoy.

Yes, it’s a shooter, but it’s far more than just that. Every level offers opportunities to explore with a virtual world where every tiny detail has been fleshed out graphically. This is the closest a VR world can come to the real deal, and although the story might be a tad corny, the characters are beyond reproach, and some of the moments scripted within the play are unmissable.


VR so often focuses on first-person experiences, but Moss proves that third-person plays work well too. Your character is a sweet little mouse called Quill who has to move through the world, which seems super-sized to the tiny rodent, solving puzzles along the way and facing up to terrifying critters while engaging in sword-to-sword combat.

A beautiful game which has an extremely refined look, the main reason that Moss is so loved is because of the close bond that you won’t be able to help to build with your tiny mouse companion. Playing alongside as a much bigger friend, you’ll inevitably connect with Quill’s character as you toil together to progress. By the end, you’ll feel like a real little team, and you’ll be willing the next installment to be released.

Beat Saber

The concept for Beat Saber is ridiculously simple, yet it’s one of the games which draws you in almost instantly. In a world that’s pulsating and filled with addictive rhythm beat music, you’ll be swishing your light sabers in one direction then the other as you attempt to keep up.

It’s a game about rhythm and matching colors and direction, and we don’t know why that’s so addictive…but it just is. Rapid-fire combos and levels which get progressively harder will challenge your coordination and spatial skills in the VR world like nothing else will.

Skyrim VR

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Skyrim? Now the Bethesda classic is available on VR, and with the huge range of mods, it’s possible not just to enjoy gameplay but to completely personalize your experience. Tamriel has never looked so vibrant or alive…but that means the same goes for your enemies. Combat will feel frighteningly real, and in the opening sequence, when you prepare to lay your head on the chopping block, you’ll feel your pulse racing.

Skyrim is the ultimate RPG, which has phenomenal locomotion that’s as close to natural as you’ll get. A world that’s simply enormous, the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls more than deserves its outstanding reputation.

Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard

Although Resident Evil is most famously set up as a third-person game, Biohazard moves to the first-person narrative. Within VR, this switch changes the game from being scary to utterly terrifying. With all the puzzles, shooting, and gore that you’d expect from Resident Evil, this title sits up there with the best of them.

To survive, you’ll need to battle through the Baker mansion with tense and violent gameplay that will have you jumping out of your skin. Well-paced and with excellent visuals, Resident Evil 7 is one of the best titles you’ll find in this genre for the PSVR.

Ghost Giant

A gentle puzzler of a game, in Ghost Giant, you are the ghost – a big, blue ghost in fact. Your mission is to aid and assist Louis, an 11-year old kitten who is terrified of you at the start. The game is just beautiful, and you’ll connect with it on a deep emotional level as it provides moments which are truly heart-warming. It’s impossible to play this game and not feel affection for your little charge as you help him along the way.

The VR element is unusual, as you can’t actually move. You can see different aspects by moving your head one way and the other, and by different gestures of your hands, you can interact with the environment and complete tasks with Louis.

Powerful, moving, and thought-provoking, there is no unexpected twist in the tale, but that doesn’t detract from the quality of this wonderfully presented title.

Wipeout – The Omega Collection

The futuristic racer seems to fit almost innately into the PSVR, with its sci-fi design and almost impossible track. Sony has taken inspiration from a number of its existing games to create a VR experience which is content-rich.

You’ll be air braking and screeching around the tight and twisty corners while performing maneuvers, which are seemingly impossible. But it’s not just the driving that will challenge you, there is also machine-fire hammering across the front of your car as you tear around.

The concept is simple, but it’s beautifully executed to create a VR game that offers extensive play coupled with a real adrenaline rush.

Superhot – VR

Cast your mind back to the Matrix where Keanu Reeves appeared to have the ability to manipulate time and move at a different speed to everyone else, and you’ll find a striking resemblance in Superhot – VR. It’s almost impossible to give the impression of having real superhuman abilities, but the developers have taken a clever approach, which makes it feel as if you really do have the power.

In this game, the world around you slows to a stop until you move, at which point it all springs into action. This provides the sensation that you’re moving incredibly fast and gives you time to make decisions which would otherwise be impossible. During the game, you’ll be under attack from a bright red foe who come at you from all directions with a speed which makes them impossible to beat…unless you stand still.

When you freeze in position, everything around you stops, too, which gives you all the time you need to plan a winning strategy. The red guys will kill you with a single shot and use their fists, knives, and guns. But none of that matters as you’ve got the ultimate weapon – the ability to make time stand still.

Absorbing and fascinating in equal measures, we promise that you’ll be channeling as you deftly swerve bullets and frustrate their plans with apparent ease. Clever stuff.

Firewall – Zero Hour

Inspired by Rainbow Six Siege, Firewall – Zero Hour is an incredible team, a shooter that requires skill, patience, and planning. For those who are new to VR, the rapid fire of titles such as DOOM VFR can be a bit too much. However, the slow build-up of suspense and the tactical nature of this game provides plenty for both newbies and experienced players alike.

Working in multiplayer mode, you’ll have missions to complete with your team while avoiding getting killed in the process. If you’re shot, you’ll need to be revived, and if this doesn’t happen quickly enough, you’ll be out for the rest of the mission. However, in an exciting twist, dead players don’t need to just sit around twiddling their thumbs. Instead, they’re given the ability to flit between the various security cameras to spot the enemy and give their team the heads-up.

With maps ranging from The Gherkin in London right through to an eerie Russian tank warehouse, the experience is intense. You’ll almost be able to feel that assault rifle in your hand, giving you the SWAT experience without ever touching a gun.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Originally a mini game when the PSVR was first launched in Japan, it finally got its own dedicated title due to the clamor around the character. Astro Bot was born and became a game that we think is the best offering of them all on the PSVR.

As you play, you’ll develop a genuine bond with Astro; he loves nothing more to help you throughout the game, coming up with inventive and creative solutions. The interactions between you and Astro are charming and sweet, making this a VR game that the whole family can engage with.
As it lacks the drama of big horror titles or the impact of adrenaline-packed games, Astro Bot is often overlooked. However, a platformer in a VR world, with environments which are simply stunning and interactions which truly break barriers, it’s hard to find anything better.

Every level you play has a wide range of challenges and designs which stretch from the cute and endearing to those which are unlike anything you will have seen before. Don’t dismiss this title just because of its family-friendly billing, and we guarantee that to play it is to love it.

So that’s it! Our run-through of the best PSVR games around right now; leave us a comment if you want to share your thoughts!

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