Puppet Fever-Coffee Stain Publishing

Released Apr 2018 4.5★
Act like a freak, play with your friends and discover the magic of the virtual puppet theater! This is hot seat multiplayer in VR like you’ve never experienced before. Social party game for up to 4 players locally.

Right now you get:
– 500+ Unique English Word Cards with acting tips (plus another 500+ in Swedish too!)
– Hundreds of Puppets and props
– 15 different Categories
– 5 Player avatar masks
– 5 Enthusiastic Bot players for lonely gamers
– 2 Game modes
– Mixer™ live stream play (using live chat and Interactive Features)
– and much more to come during Early Access!

Puppet Fever is local multiplayer party game where you take turns as the acting star of a virtual puppet theatre! Find yourself a friend or sibling, no additional controllers or headsets needed. Together you will become digital puppet masters.

You will:
– Act like a freak and make poor choices!
– Make up silly sound effects and voices!
– Take giant leaps of logic!
– Shout at your friends!
– Get shouted at by your friends and robots!

You may also:
– Start up an interactive livestream and invite your followers to the show!
– Take your time and create pictures and videos of your own puppet dramas!
– Share your best and worst creations on social media directly from the game!
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Jun 06, 2018
The nice thing about Puppet Fever is that it makes transitioning into virtual reality very easy, and while there are a ton of options available, once the initial feeling of being overwhelmed wears off, you’re good to just keep going and get better with things. It’s a smooth experience that never hits any big hiccups, and that’s definitely something for the developers to be proud of.

I’d really love to see Puppet Fever expand, though. I’d love to see the developers add in new items, props, and even characters. The game has a way to go before we may see new content, but I’d love to see the developers take advantage of the little gold mine that they have here. Of course, what’s available right now is a perfectly good starting point. If you’re looking for a great place to tell stories and share the beauty of virtual reality with your friends, then Puppet Fever is a fantastic place to sta

Jun 30, 2019
I really really love the idea! Tested it with my girlfriend and we had much fun. And it’s still in early access, so I can’t await how it develops!
Thank you! 😀
Only point is, that I would not be able to play this with my german only friends. If there would be a way for me to translate the cards I’d love to help!

Feb 01, 2020
in studio mode I couldn’t figure out how to interact with the different options. wouldn’t let me choose anything. i think my kids would love this if that would work.

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