Pyro VR – Early Access-Virtuallight VR

Released Feb 2017 3.0★
Professional pyrotech Billie Ray has left you in charge of his booming Petrol and TNT business! Your first task: learn how to shoot fireworks and use explosives.

Let your creativity run wild! Create your own shows using a multitude of different fireworks and explosives. Be extravagant! Line up and connect fireworks in sequence to create extended, timed and beautiful cascades of light and sound in the night sky above. Or, heck, just blow stuff up!

In Sandbox mode you will have access to a warehouse full of explosives and pyrotechnics, and a private backyard where you can go nuts without anyone bothering you. How crazy can you get?

In Career mode you will take on missions as a professional pyrotechnician and explosives expert: build fireworks shows, execute concert and event pyro, and plan, plant and detonate explosives in various other settings and locations. (Career mode is not available in the pre-alpha release.)

User Reviews

Jun 04, 2017
To the guys who made this thanks!!
Had lots of fun setting off fire works or just blowing things up – nice work.

Love how you feel the vibrations when the fire works blow up the warehouse

May 31, 2017

No sound????
Reinstalled and still no sound…

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