Qian-Shan Village VR-愛吠的狗 – The Barking Dog Studio

Released Jul 2019
This game features the Chinese vampire stories. Inspired by the Hong Kong movie in 1985, Mr. Vampire series, we build up a game with the fantastic Chinese spells and scary scenes in order to invite players to enjoy the experience of the interesting horror movie.

The background information that you might want to know:

Different from the western zombie, most of the Chinese vampire is the people that had been dead, and suffered from the undying hatred in the end of their life. Due to the reasons mentioned above, their body will never rot, and finally, they will turn to be rigid bodies and become vampires to eat people alive.

19Since they have rigid bodies, the Chinese vampires are not afraid of ordinary weapons such as the gun shooting, or bomb…etc.. People can kill Chinese vampire only through spell and spelled sword.

The special thing you have got to know is people’s breath will attract vampire to attack. So, please keep in mind, when you don’t have any spell or sword in your hand, don’t breathe!!

Join us for the adventure of Qian Shan Village!

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