Released Nov 2017 1.9★
is a sci-fi FPS game set in a futuristic world. This is a story about the origin of civilization on Earth. At some point in the future, Earth’s past, present, and future are caught in a conflict between races that have been repeatedly reincarnated and the civilizations they have created. A special task force of dubious characters lands on a remote planet – Nuhort. The new chapter begins.

User Reviews

Dec 09, 2019
i have the cosmos, but it detects the older vive controlers

Apr 17, 2019
vaya… es solo una demo que se prometia que saldria en 2018… estando ya en abril de 2019. una pena, el juego, graficamente es muy impactante, y con un movimiento de controles fluido simplemente podrian hacer un autentico juegazo. eso si, pide maquina, muchisimo pc, y ni con la 1080 y bajo todas las opciones, me ha costado que vaya fluido.

Jan 01, 2018
game seems great, the intro is cool but somehow doesn’t work right now, crashes and lags a lot even though i have gtx 1080 and all other games work

Jan 15, 2018

Seems like a good game but its all in a foriegn language. It should state that there is no english language during gameplay, in the description. Why waste my time playing something if I can’t understand it.

Dec 06, 2018

Needs some serious bug tuning. Would not suggest buying for the time.

Crashes as soon as I pull the gun out.

Aug 19, 2018

First the BAD things:
1. The game was in CHINESE (not in English…)
2. In my case without sound
3. The game stuck in the “cinematics moments”

The good things:
1. The weapons work fine (you have to charge with your other hand)
2. The graphics look fine but the game has an “expensive” system requirements (I play with 1060 and 8Gb of RAM).

Jan 17, 2018

Systeme de rechargement des armes pas terrible, le perso a des bras super court du coup on est obliger d’avancer pour appuier sur les menus(pas penser pour les occidentaux) et surtout le jeu commence en chinois sans demander la langue …

Jan 10, 2018

worst game I’ve played, If you can say I played anything. first it took me 10 minutes of going through menus that aren’t even in english, then had to go threough the intro twice cause the game crashed and to top it off the the frame rate is horrable, the only game I ever had issuse with on the VR. I’m glad I got it as a subscrition otherwise I’d ask for a refund

Oct 04, 2019

No English language available that I could find. The menu is in Chinese.

Also, the developers didn’t playtest this title enough to see that the hands and arms are the wrong way around and therefore crossed in front of you!

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