Rebound VR-Rotech Digital Ltd

Released Jan 2019 3.5★
Rebound VR is a fun and absorbing mix of racquetball and breakout-style gameplay. 42 levels give hours of gameplay. Great stressbuster! Suitable for all ages.

– 42 levels spread across 9 different arenas.
– 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Extreme.
– Each level played against the clock and with limited lives.
– Hours of game-play that tests your reactions and coordination.
– Extending bats help you reach balls outside your chaperone area.
– Tractor beam powerup to pull the ball towards you or give it a wee nudge.
– Autosaves so you can return to your game.
– Practise hall.
– Room scale recommended but can be played seated or standing only.
– Pong game against an AI Opponent with 4 skill levels and 3 arenas.

You don’t need to wallop the ball – but you can if you like.
Just don’t take your eye off the red one….

User Reviews

Feb 25, 2019
For a released game, this was a bit disappointing. The performance was terrible on my system where other similar games usually run buttery smooth. There are no graphics options, and temporal AA is forced on, which absolutely drives me nuts as it makes everything look very smeary, especially problematic for a fast action game. It’s a good game, but when the framerate and graphics distract you from the game, that’s a no-go for me.

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